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When it comes to mobile games, consumers aren’t short of choice, and once consumers choose a game or a brand, there is often no going back. A consistently positive experience and perceived experience value mean consumers will choose one brand’s product (or product line) again and again. This is why it is important for a mobile gaming company to understand their audience and what makes their games stick.

A Clear Correlation Between Game Popularity and Publishers

It is not surprising that players of a certain mobile game are more likely to play other games from the same publisher than games from a different publisher. However, what is surprising is the sheer strength of such loyalty and variance between publishers.

The table below illustrates the cross loyalty among the top 15 mobile games in terms of reach. Games such as Words with Friends and Candy Crush Saga enjoy a relatively high reach among players of other games, while games such as Panda Pop seem to appeal only to players of games from the same publisher (SGN in that case).


One interesting observation is that Criminal Case enjoys a relatively high reach among King games players, while a seemingly popular and very successful game like Clash of Clans scores very badly when looking at its reach among players of other games. That being said, Clash of Clans players themselves seem to be enjoying King games in particular, with the three Saga games’ (Farm Heroes, Candy Crush and Candy Crush Soda) reach standing at 35 percent, 27 percent and 24 percent respectively. The reach for Criminal Case is relatively high at 23 percent. games have been topping the mobile gaming charts for a while now. There were five King games among the top 15 mobile games in August. The level of loyalty created across these games is quite a remarkable feat for King. Candy Crush Saga’s reach among players of the other four King games in the table is between 44 percent and 71 percent. Impressively, the 71 percent reach among Bubble Witch 2 Saga is the highest reach of a secondary game in the top 15 games.


Casual Games Appeal to All Gamers

The table below, which lists the second and third most popular games among players of the top game of a certain genre, reveals that players of a certain genre of game are not necessarily tied to a specific genre. Casual games in general and Candy Crush Saga (and Soda Saga) in particular seem to be very successful in luring gamers of other genres. Familiarity with the publisher or characters plays a big role in this phenomenon. It is evident from the reach of Angry Birds, an Arcade game, among the players of Angry Birds Go!, which is a racing game, albeit from the same publisher Rovio.

The reach of a certain genre among players of another genre cannot always be explained. For example, it is not clear why players of a strategy game like Clash of Clans would prefer playing a Farming game such as Farm Heroes Saga over other strategy games from Supercell such as Boom Beach. The same can be observed for players of DragonVale who find Pet Rescue Saga more alluring than other simulation games.


Importance of Audience Measurement

There are numerous mobile games available and each one has a little something different to offer. However, sometimes they are more similar than we might realize. Consumers may be busy scoring points in any one of the top games, but there is no doubt that publishers are looking for the secret sauce that will keep your fingers tapping away, and this is where audience measurement comes in. When you understand your audience and competition better, you have better chances of creating the next Clash of Clans or Candy Crush Saga.

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