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The rapid evolution of social media apps is one of our biggest predictions for 2017: in October, we forecasted that social media apps would change the way users interact with brands and services. The apps marketplace continues to be a crowded one, as an increasing number of publishers vie for user attention and loyalty: Verto Analytics data shows that for a typical app publisher, 1000 downloads may only lead to 50-200 active users that remain after the first 30 days.

Social Media Apps Will Shape Consumer Behavior

But social media apps continue to draw loyal audiences: Verto Analytics data shows that social media accounts for 40% of the time that consumers spend online. In fact, the average American adult (aged 18 and above) spends nearly 70 hours per month on social networking apps – that’s far beyond the amount of time spent with any other category of apps. And as messaging apps carve out a special niche for themselves in the social sphere, adding features like group video chats and filters, the amount of time that consumers spend with these apps is bound to increase even further.


Earlier this year, Verto Analytics predicted that social media apps would change the way that consumers interact with services, brands, and businesses. In particular, features like mobile payments, in-app car hailing, and chatbots are on track for to be adopted by the mass market – something that has already happened in China and Japan. And it looks like things are moving even faster than we originally thought: this week alone, Mark Zuckerberg introduced the world to Jarvis, his self-made AI assistant. While Jarvis isn’t ready for primetime, it’s another signal that chatbots are playing an increasingly central role in the way that we interact with our surroundings and the services and businesses that power them.

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