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We’re pleased to introduce a new monthly feature, The Verto Glossary Project. Each month, we’ll define an industry or Verto-specific term, in an effort to make our content and the consumer-centric measurement more useful and easier to understand. We kicked off the Glossary Project with last month’s post about retention, churn, and stickiness. Now, we’re taking a look at our very own Verto Index.

Defining the Verto Index

The Verto Index is Verto’s ranking of the top properties in a given category or market segment, based on number of monthly unique users. Depending on the subject of a given Verto Index, these properties may include apps, websites, or total traffic to all digital properties owned by a given parent company. For example, a Verto Index that includes Facebook would include properties such as Instagram and WhatsApp, which are both owned by Facebook. Likewise, the Verto Index on Mobile Gaming tracks the top mobile gaming apps in a given time period (typically a month), while the Verto Travel Index tracks the top travel-related mobile apps and websites in a given time period.


In addition to the monthly unique user metrics, the Verto Index also includes a selection of audience engagement and device metrics for each property, such as the amount of time spent with a given property per user per month, Stickiness, and the share and/or number of devices used to access the given property per month.

The Verto Index is created using Verto Watch. Interested in learning more about our insights on the consumer measurement industry? Subscribe to our newsletter for the latest content.

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