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The mobile app economy continues to grow at a rapid pace. While download figures have been the traditional way to measure an app’s success, download data tells a sliver of the story.  You can download it below.


If advertisers and publishers are to make their money back—not to mention a profit—developers need to build apps that people will actually use. And a large part of that is understanding how apps are used and by whom. While download figures have been, in the past, the primary means of measuring an app’s success, they merely tell part of the story. Insights into app usage are vital to the development of future apps and their monetization. Accurate and actionable data on user adoption, loyalty, and engagement levels has become a business imperative.

The goal of the App Report is to offer you a snapshot of the U.S. mobile app economy, based on data from our recently launched Verto App Watch. Happy reading.

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