Product Offerings Address the Problem of Media Fragmentation and Lack of Consumer Insights

SAN FRANCISCO, CA–(Marketwired – Nov 29, 2017) – Verto Analytics (, the consumer-centric measurement company, today announced continued market momentum with a 48 percent increase in month-to-month revenue since the beginning of Q1/2017.

The company’s growth has been largely fueled by a high demand for research and measurement solutions that help brands and publishers overcome the challenge of media fragmentation. Verto also tripled its U.S.-based customers in 2017 with the addition of several Fortune 500 brands and publishers, establishing itself as a next-generation alternative for providing single-source, cross-platform audience measurement.

“Our vision is to be the industry’s go-to source for consumer behavioral insights,” said Hannu Verkasalo, CEO of Verto Analytics. “We put the consumer in the center of our measurement methodology, and doing so gives companies the ability to see how behavior and mindsets are evolving in a very transparent way. With a holistic understanding of a single consumer’s cross-platform journey, how audiences engage with media on a daily basis, and the effectiveness of media and advertising, our customers are delivering more seamless experiences that drive engagement, loyalty, and results for their businesses.”

Specifically, Verto launched three products in 2017 to give brands and publishers a better way to segment, measure, and target:

  • Smart Poll: A comprehensive research offering for brands and market research professionals that combines attitudinal survey research with passive cross-device metering. Smart Poll makes it possible to tie customers’ segmentation models and attitudes to deep passive behavioral data and cross-platform audience insights.
  • Audience Profiles: The first single-source audience measurement solution to combine behavioral, demographic, competitive, and device-specific insights into one package. With day-in-the-life charts, unduplicated reach, and audience breakdowns, publishers and advertising sales teams can get the deep insights they need to differentiate their audience from competitors and win more advertising revenue.
  • Verto Watch: An online research portal that provides on-demand access to cross-device behavioral data and competitive insights across apps, sites, and devices. Verto Watch serves small and large companies that need quick access to consumer market research to validate assumptions, track competitors, and track market trends.

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Verto also added three key people to its leadership team in 2017 to support its growth plans:

  • Mary Shirley Sheehan, Global Product Marketing Director: Sheehan is savvy, client-focused marketing leader with extensive experience in global marketing for tech companies, having previously worked at both AdRoll and Google, and founded the consulting company, The Go-To Marketer.
  • Tero Lindberg, Head of Technology Operations: Lindberg has successfully led technical strategy and R&D teams in multiple companies and has had key roles translating demanding customer needs to sustainable products.
  • Liz Musch, Member, Board of Directors: Musch, a veteran advertising and technology industry executive, joined Verto’s board to offer support as the company scales its product offerings to customers and market research partners.

In addition, Verto received industry-wide recognition for its measurement technology and market research, including published research from some of its customers:

  • Verto was named a winner of AGTT’s Screenforce Innovation Day for its work with MindTake around Verto’s audiomatching technology, allowing for single-source measurement of video and content across all devices.
  • Verto was also recognized as a leading player in the global clickstream analytics market for 2017 by QY Research Group.
  • In 2017, Verto published several reports, widely covered by many news outlets in the U.S. and Europe, that underscored major behavioral trends shaping digital and impacting consumer attention metrics. Those reports include:

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Verto Analytics is a media measurement platform that offers a holistic view of the consumer — their behavior along with demographics, lifestyles, attitudes, and interests. Verto owns and operates a single-source, passively metered panel that gives us the power to measure behavioral changes over time across all media — second by second. Through a platform that democratizes behavioral research, brands, publishers, and researchers can benchmark against competitors and the market, fill in the gaps in the consumer journey, and identify ways to increase engagement and loyalty.

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