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January 21, 2020, at 9am NYC time


New York, NY – Verto Analytics Inc., a behavioral analytics platform based in Helsinki and New York City, announced today it has successfully completed its new growth round of $16 million. The round was completed over the past 18 months in several tranches, and formally closed before the end of December 2019. 

This latest growth round is Verto’s third significant round of funding, following the seed round in 2014, and the Series A round in 2016. 

Verto’s earlier venture rounds were used to boost Verto’s product development and panel build-out. This new round is focused on accelerating commercial rollout of new solutions (both syndicated and custom), and making strategic improvements to Verto’s excellent customer service.


Why Verto Analytics Attracts Venture Capital 

This latest round of funding came from some of Verto’s earlier venture capital investors, including Conor Venture Partners, Open Ocean Capital, and Finnish Industry Investment, and its existing management team and founders.

Several new investors also came onboard. They include: 

  • OP Bank Finland
  • Saastopankki Bank Fund 
  • Professional and private investors via Springvest
  • Angel investor Tom Glocer (former CEO of Thomson Reuters)
  • Angel investor Ben Feder (currently an executive at Tencent, formerly CEO of Take Two Interactive)
  • Angel investor Steve Marshall (founder of Invision)
  • Angel investor Steve Farella (chairman of MDC Media Partners) 

The round also welcomed investments from technology-focused private angel investors and professional family offices, who believe in Verto’s growth potential.

Verto Analytics continues to attract funding for several reasons: 

  • Strong customer base.
  • Excellent track record of solving key business problems for technology and Internet companies, brands, publishers, market researchers. 
  • Strict adherence to current regulatory guidelines; all Verto’s processes and solutions comply with the strictest data privacy standards. Verto’s panel-based approach is fully GDPR and CCPA compliant. 

Verto Analytics founder, Dr. Hannu Verkaslao, says this funding milestone is a testament to how his valued team has collaborated to meet the needs of a growing market. “I’m very proud of the talented and dedicated team we’ve built at Verto Analytics,” he says. “Working with the top clients in the world, our team has changed the way behavioral passive measurement data can be used to fill in gaps on consumer journeys, derive educated and accurate models around competitive intelligence, and be used as part of more traditional survey data to bring the traditional market research to the next decade.” Last year Verto launched its new behavioral research platform, which, for the first time, makes various integration options available to market research companies as well as end-customers in the technology, media, e-commerce, Internet, and app/gaming domains. 

“This new round gives us added momentum to strengthen our commercial operations and continue our R&D,” says Pat Brennan, president of U.S. operations at Verto Analytics. “We’ll leverage key customer feedback to add new features to our market research solutions.” 


About Verto Analytics

Verto Analytics is a media measurement company. Its behavioral analytics platform helps brands and companies get a holistic view of consumers, including their behavior, along with demographics, lifestyles, attitudes, and interests. Verto Analytics owns and operates single-source, passively metered panels in different countries; these panels measure behavioral changes over time across all media, second by second. Brands, publishers, and researchers leverage Verto’s services to benchmark against competitors and the market, fill in the gaps in the consumer journey, and identify ways to increase engagement and loyalty. Verto’s behavioral research platform equips market researchers with deep, passive meter data solutions and the application of triggered surveys on top of the panel. Verto has been awarded in many categories over the years, in market research, including the Winner of Technology Breakthrough Award at Media Excellence Awards.


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