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Our previous blog post talked about the individual aspects of consumer journeys. Verto Analytics has a unique approach that enables publishers and advertisers to look at the overall journey by stages to deliver actionable insights.

Verto’s passive measurement has best-in-class coverage with a focus on both cross-device passive measurement as well as retaining a high panel retention—enabling research studies to understand consumer behavior and intention over the several weeks/months preceding the purchase. To make sense of the noise and uniqueness of each individual’s path to purchase, Verto has built a journey framework to enable distilled insights.

Verto’s journey framework breaks down the journey into four distinct stages, working back from the online purchase:

  1. Inspiration is built around the consumer’s initial discovery of brands in the category. 
  2. Discovery occurs when the consumer learns more about the features of the product.
  3. Consideration is when the consumer compares specific brands.
  4. Validation is when the consumer looks for information to validate the purchase decision. 

Verto can also field post-purchase surveys to help publishers and advertisers better understand the consumer’s mindset and motivations.

Verto consumer journey methodology

For a practical example, recently for Reddit, Verto conducted a study around journeys that gained interesting insights on Reddit users, and the power of Reddit, in today’s consumer journeys.

We used our framework, with some adaptation, to conclude that Reddit users are very active in the Consideration phase and that they consider multiple brands. That decision making pays off in the Validation period by driving a quicker purchase. Their study can be found here:


If you want to learn more about Verto’s consumer journey research, and how it could help you, please send us an email!

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