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Last week, Verto Analytics presented their June Webinar, How to Use Data and Insights to Tell a Compelling Story About your Cross-Device Audience. Featuring data from our new product Audience Profiles, this webinar highlights key insights geared towards publishers who want to monetize and visualize their audience. Below are three takeaways from the webinar, which you can also listen to on demand.

Major Challenges with Audience Measurement

Traditional siloed device-centered media measurement presents an incomplete picture of the average modern consumer. Previous audience measurement methods measure devices or properties—not people. This means that publishers struggle to measure net reach and audience engagement across all device types and services. More importantly, data not only has to be accurate, it has to be compelling and unduplicated. This presents a difficult challenge when potential advertisers want a holistic account of your audience.

Cross-device Consumption: The New Normal

Consumers access content across a variety of devices. In 2016, individuals owned an average of 5 devices each. Incredibly, this is expected to double by 2020, with each individual owning 10 connected devices. With high rates of cross-device usage comes increased multitasking. While this does add to more overall screen time, it also poses a threat to attention and engagement levels. Because the consumer media consumption environment has changed so dramatically there is a real need for measurement standards to change as well.


Measuring the New Normal

Audience Profiles is the first single-source audience measurement service to capture a holistic view of an audience, by combining behavioral, demographic, device ownership, and competitive insights in one package. As a result, you can learn about what a day in the life of your audience looks like and uncover various target segments – how do consumers engage with apps, services, and devices? You can also gain competitive insights which allow you to help advertisers understand how your audience differs from your competitors. With Audience Profiles you can know the exact reach of your audience and how they’re engaging with you across all of your brands and channels.

Interested in learning more about Audience Profiles? Listen to the webinar on demand here.

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