Up to $50 billion is wasted every year by consumer brands due to campaign inefficiencies, poor targeting, and fraud. To eliminate such waste, Truth{set} is launching a new service — involving Verto’s panel-based, cross-device, passive measurement panel — to measure the quality of consumer data and give consumer brands confidence in their investments.

New York City, USA
June 3, 2020

New York, NYBehavioral analytics platform Verto Analytics Inc. is pleased to announce their participation in Truth{set}’s methodology, a new consumer data quality measurement company that launched from stealth mode on May 28. The collaboration aims to validate and measure the quality of data around the media and adtech ecosystems, using Verto’s opt-in, behavioral measurement panels (which provide deterministic data on all digital consumer behavior, demographics, e-commerce transactions, media usage, device ownership, and the consumer’s identity). 

For the past five years, the Verto Analytics Smart App panel has been an industry go-to source for high-quality deterministic behavioral data. Adhering to stringent consumer privacy protocols, Verto’s panel tracks consumer data across smartphones, tablets, desktop PCs and laptops, for all digital activity—ranging from search to e-commerce, app usage to web browsing, and in-app activities to media behaviors. 

Verto clients and many other Internet platforms and media companies use Verto’s panel for consumer insights, competitive intelligence, and journey modeling. Verto was the first research company to launch panel-based, single-source measurement for any industry player to use—including tech platforms, research companies, brands, and agencies. 

Truth{set} will leverage Verto’s robustly collected data assets as an ingredient in its data scoring methodology that validates the accuracy and validity of other data sources—for example, probabilistic data segments available in activation marketplaces.

Truth{set} launched with $4.75M in seed funding from super{set}, WTI, Ulu Ventures, and strategic angel investors. Founded by veterans from Nielsen, Salesforce, LiveRamp, and Procter & Gamble, Truth{set} helps all stakeholders in the marketing ecosystem measure the accuracy of consumer data to improve the performance of any data-driven activity.

Source: 2019 Forrester and Infogroup, Truth{set} for Marketers

In this collaboration with Truth{set}, Verto’s passive measurement panel, where all of the data is deterministic by nature—hard observational data around all behaviors and validated audience demographics—is used in Truth{set} platform to correlate with third-party data sources and the inherent data available in these platforms, to understand where and why some data is inaccurate, biased, or wrong. These insights build Truthscores™ to help brands allocate their advertising spends in more effective ways.

“The new service from Truth{set} is a great piece of news for the whole industry,” says Verto Analytics founder, Dr. Hannu Verkasalo. “Over the past decade everybody has talked about big data. Despite evolutions in the availability, volume and low barrier of data use, one of the major complaints we hear all the time is related to data quality. Most of the data circulating in adtech and these data platforms is probabilistic, built with loose lookalike models or with strong extrapolation, or without confirming the inherent integrity and quality of the original data used in modeling. All this means data used in advertising ends up being either of low quality, or, in some cases, totally unusable. We are proud to see our panel-based deterministic data be utilized as an asset intoTruth{set}’s new methodology to help with the validation and measurement of data quality, and to eventually bring more transparency to this world.”

“Marketers are adept at using data to find and target their audiences with increasing precision. But they are still flying blind when it comes to how good the underlying data actually is, and that hurts performance and wastes money,” says Scott McKinley, CEO and founder of Truth{set}. “We are using Verto’s single-source panel to improve our data models as a deterministic and independent panel data source, in combination with other data sources, in establishing an independent, standard score to measure the quality of the consumer data that they are buying, using, and selling.”


About Verto Analytics

Verto Analytics is a media measurement company. Its behavioral analytics platform helps brands and companies get a holistic view of consumers, including their behavior, along with demographics, lifestyles, attitudes, and interests. Verto Analytics owns and operates single-source, passively metered panels in different countries; these panels measure behavioral changes over time across all media, second by second. Brands, publishers, and researchers leverage Verto’s services to benchmark against competitors and the market, fill in the gaps in the consumer journey, and identify ways to increase engagement and loyalty. Verto’s behavioral research platform equips market researchers with deep, passive meter data solutions and the application of triggered surveys on top of the panel. Verto has been awarded in many categories over the years, in market research, including the Winner of Technology Breakthrough Award at Media Excellence Awards 


About Truth{set}

Founded in 2019, Truth{set} is a data intelligence company focused exclusively on validating the accuracy of consumer data. The company helps brands build trust in data, and improve the performance of any data-driven decision. Truth{set} does not sell data and is not a data broker; it compiles a likelihood of truth for any individual record that can be used to validate the accuracy of data and power more accurate consumer interactions. To learn more about Truth{set}, visit truthset.io.


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Truth{set} Selects Verto Analytics Behavioral Research Platform to Help Validate and Measure the Quality of Consumer Data
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Truth{set} Selects Verto Analytics Behavioral Research Platform to Help Validate and Measure the Quality of Consumer Data
Behavioral analytics platform Verto Analytics Inc. is pleased to announce a new collaboration with Truth{set}, a consumer data quality measurement company that launched in stealth mode on May 28. The collaboration aims to validate and measure the quality of data around the media and adtech ecosystems, using Verto’s opt-in, behavioral measurement panels.
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