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If you really want to understand your audience, you need to dive into the demographics as a person’s income, age, and gender all influence the decision behind which social media property you are most likely to use.

Facebook is the only service with a 100% reach when looking at the reach of the top social media properties. No other service comes even close. Google+ is doing quite well, but its reach varies from 69 to 89 percent. It’s hard to tell if the high reach of Google+ is only due to the nature of Google’s services, since you automatically receive a G+ profile when registering for Gmail, for example. The same could apply to Facebook, as many of the social media properties now link their registration with your Facebook profile.


The nature of the social media service influences the reach of using another similar service. For example, Instragram has a high reach among Vine (84%), Snapchat (83%) and Periscope (88%) users. All these services focus on sharing images and videos. WhatsApp and Twitter users like Instagram too, or they are likely to share their Instagram images via these channels. Often times, users have a different focus for using different social media services, which can also influence the use of other social media property.

Kik Is Popular Among Young Men, Women Prefer Facebook Messenger

Quite surprisingly, close to 70% of Kik’s users are men. It is most popular among young men between ages 20-24. Vine and Flickr are popular among men too, though their users tend to be a little older: 25-29 and 35-39, respectively. Not so surprisingly, Instagram and Pinterest are more popular among women than men. Women also prefer Facebook Messenger over WhatsApp and Kik.


Snapchat, WhatsApp and Kik are the chosen properties for the younger generations. However, Kik and WhatsApp are also both popular among 40-49 olds. This could be due to parents messaging with their kids on these services, though WhatsApp has been growing its popularity among older users in recent years.


Does Income Influence Your Choice of Social Media Property?

The amount of yearly income a person makes has some influence on the social media property they use. Pinterest and LinkedIn are popular among the $50-75K annual income bracket. This income group is most likely to use Facebook Messenger and Snapchat for messaging, and Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter for sharing images, videos, and news. Higher earners in the $100-150K income bracket, also use the same services. Both Pinterest and LinkedIn have more business focus, which could explain their popularity among people who are higher earners. Flickr is most popular amongst earners in the $40-50K and $75-100K income brackets,  while Periscope is popular with earners in the under $15K and $30-40K income brackets. Kik’s popularity among younger generations and their parents, is clearly visible in the income chart.

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