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This year again, I had the honor of attending the annual Media Honeypot conference. where I presented some of our data and thoughts right after the keynote from Axel Springer. I spoke about big trends in digital usage, as shown by our proprietary data, which are currently shaping the thinking of startups, internet-based, and digital-only companies, as well as traditional media companies.

(If you like, you can access my full presentation, “What Do People Actually Do With Their Digital Devices & Who Controls Them?” here.)

Below are some of my presentation slides, with key takeaways that we highlighted during the conference.

  • The tech giants have an upper hand: The  Internet giants (FAANG + M) contribute to greater than 50% of all online time spent!
  • Consumers are cross-device addicts: 44% of all US consumers use at least one smartphone, tablet, and PC per month.
  • Next-generation users drive usage time on the fastest-growing domain: mobile. Overall online time is lower for teens, but teens beat adults on time spent on mobile devices.
  • The old tech giants do not control the next generation: Among teens, Snapchat is the top  social service, and Facebook is number five (among adults, these stats are almost the opposite)
  • Mobile apps and all-inclusive services/platforms have a significant impact on everyone: An equal number of monthly users watch videos on the Facebook App and on the YouTube app (however, only 21% of total Facebook mobile app time is about video usage versus 84% for YouTube)
  • Gaming has catapulted to seventh place in the ranking of mobile app categories, with 61% of mobile users playing games monthly!
  • Gaming usage, like many other categories, is quite concentrated, with the top 20% of users making up 62% of all mobile gaming usage!

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