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Tap Into Internet Click-Streams, Search Activity and Application Use, or Use Real-World Consumer Traffic and Retail Information

Verto Analytics’ proprietary data and insights go far beyond typical audience measurement services. We provide market research solutions to keep up with the rapid pace of changing consumer media consumption on every app, device, service, and platform.

  • Terabyte files of discrete, second-by-second events
  • Fully aggregated and customized reports, fit to a custom tracker
  • A single-source report of all aggregated, metered data (no stitching across time periods, no modeling for missing data points, no inferred connections across different sample groups)

Choose the Right Solution

Data Feeds

Data Feeds

Granular, event, or session-level data assets delivered monthly, quarterly, or per project

  • Panelist Feed
  • Device Feed
Data Cubes

Data Cubes

Aggregated data views built to spec, including  hourly, daily, or monthly views across individual or deduplicated device views

  • Pre-defined or custom built aggregated data tables
  • Category Trackers
  • Journey Projects


Based on your needs, we’ll interview our proprietary consumer panel to provide the data necessary to correlate actual behaviors with attitudes and opinions.

  • Client-defined interviews of our panel
  • Smart Targeting – laser-targeted interviews based on real-time events or prior behavior

Turbocharge Your Market Research

Uncover Critical Insight about Consumer Preferences and Attitudes

Using survey research, we work with you to query the same consumer panel to correlate actions with attitudes.

Create Comprehensive Target Profiles

Use survey results to build out a more complete snapshot of consumers based on their actual behavior.

Map the Customer’s Buying Journey with Precision

Get a complete picture of consumer behavior and identify critical sales opportunities with your brand or target buyers.

  • Smart Polling – quantitative survey studies enriched with months of behavioral data by panelist or device

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  • Verto Analytics’ ability to provide actionable and granular insights about consumers’ cross-platform consumption of digital video arms our customers with the required data to better drive campaign strategy, performance and planning.

    Paul Neto YuMe / Research Director
  • The depth of data that Verto provides is a must-have resource for companies that require deep insights into what consumers are doing to help inform their marketing, competitive intelligence, media buying and product strategy initiatives.  

    Friedrich Schwandt Statista / CEO
  • Verto Analytics has been a superb data and insights partner for us. Their behavioral measurement data supports a variety of our strategic planning initiatives related to player behavior and growth opportunities.  

    Matt Penfield Zynga / VP of Consumer Insights
  • Verto Analytics’ next-generation audience measurement service gives us deep and detailed device and media metrics that help us drive growth of our First Screen solutions in a very strategic manner  

    Gregory Wester Executive Vice President, Marketing and Business Development at Mobile Posse


Consumer privacy is important to us; all our processes and solutions comply with the strictest data privacy standards.

Our panel-based approach is fully GDPR compliant (unlike approaches that use cookies, tagging, SDKs, browser plug-ins and other methods that do not ask users to opt in; or fail to disclose that they collect users’ data).

Our methodology and panel-based approach aligns with the values of GDPR, and our business operates on three core principles:


  • Our consumer partners and policy makers proactively ensure full GDPR compliance and follow a stringent privacy standard for today’s market research
  • We disclose clearly what our research is about
  • We use only our opt-in research apps to collect behavioral information

Consent, Communication, and Opt-ins

  • We require a triple opt-in process when accepting participants
  • We anonymize and aggregate all information from our research panels  before it is delivered to internal or external users for analysis
  • We have a dedicated process for removing any sensitive data 
  • We renew consent and PII policy at every award transaction


  • Our panel participants may opt out at any time, or have their information erased from the service
  • We inform panelists about any updates in the service and their compliance with the panel rules

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