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How Verto Captures the Best First Party Data

We operate US based panel whose members opt-in to passive metering across all their eligible devices – smartphones, tablets, laptops, and desktop computers. The ongoing, longitudinal, cross-device Verto panel captures a wide breadth of behaviors – internet click-streams, application use, downloads and installs, view time and audio time, search activity and terms, travel locations, and robust ecommerce information across a variety of sites and apps.

This single-source database is unique to Verto; no other behavioral analytics company has the ability to track consumer behavior across multiple devices with this level of depth. It gives us the exclusive ability to passively capture a breadth of behaviors. We enrich these insights with behavioral analysis and custom surveys.

Our Partners Leverage Verto Data to
  • Fill gaps in the customer journey
  • Make strategic business decisions
  • Build accurate competitive intelligence models
  • Benchmark competitors and profile audiences
  • Augment passively-collected behavioral data insights with quantitative surveys and qualitative focus groups

Choose the Right Solution

Weekly and Monthly Cross-device, Enriched Data feeds

Weekly and Monthly Cross-device, Enriched Data feeds

A Verto Data Feed gives you the ability to push event- and user-level, time-stamped contextual data directly to your data analytics and business intelligence systems.

What You Can Do

  • Answer a variety of research questions that require in-depth data to be “crunched” and analyzed.
  • Drill into target segments or enhance your own segmentation
  • Access more detailed and nuanced search data across engines and retail sites.
  • Connect click-streams and application use to a variety of conversion events – purchases, downloads, subscriptions, & foot traffic.
Competitor Benchmarking and Audience Profiling

Competitor Benchmarking and Audience Profiling

Get to know your current audience and discover areas for growth.

Measure unduplicated reach, composition, and engagement across all properties—apps and sites.

Demonstrate the unique value of your audience with competitive intelligence, industry insights, and detailed engagement metrics.

What You Can Do

  • Show how you rank by mobile v computer access or app v browser access.
  • Prove how often your audience engages with you versus your key competitors.
  • Obtain deep behavioral profiles and trafficking information to sell your audience to advertisers that want to reach them.
Consumer Journey and Other Longitudinal Analyses

Consumer Journey and Other Longitudinal Analyses

Let us help you measure what matters most to your business. Meet your proprietary research and measurement needs by leveraging our expertise, our existing methodologies, and metering technologies for your custom projects.

What You Can Do

  • Show how you rank by mobile v computer access or app v browser access.
  • Prove how often your audience engages with you versus your key competitors.
  • Obtain deep behavioral profiles and trafficking information to sell your audience to advertisers that want to reach them.

Turbocharge Your Market Research

Uncover Critical Insight about Consumer Preferences and Attitudes

Using survey research, we work with you to query the same consumer panel to correlate actions with attitudes.

Create Comprehensive Target Profiles

Use survey results to build out a more complete snapshot of consumers based on their actual behavior.

Map the Customer’s Buying Journey with Precision

Get a complete picture of consumer behavior and identify critical sales opportunities with your brand or target buyers.

  • Smart Polling – quantitative survey studies enriched with months of behavioral data by panelist or device

Ask for a Demo

  • Verto Analytics has been a superb data and insights partner for us. Their behavioral measurement data supports a variety of our strategic planning initiatives related to player behavior and growth opportunities.  

    Matt Penfield Zynga / VP of Consumer Insights
  • Verto Analytics’ next-generation audience measurement service gives us deep and detailed device and media metrics that help us drive growth of our First Screen solutions in a very strategic manner.  

    Gregory Wester Executive Vice President, Marketing and Business Development at Mobile Posse
  • Verto's single-source approach to both behavioral and attitudinal measurement provided a rich way to tell Vox Media's audience narrative.  

    Edwin Wong Vox Media / Senior Vice President of Media Insights and Innovation


Consumer privacy is important to us; all our processes and solutions comply with the strictest data privacy standards.

Our panel-based approach is fully GDPR compliant (unlike approaches that use cookies, tagging, SDKs, browser plug-ins and other methods that do not ask users to opt in; or fail to disclose that they collect users’ data).

Our methodology and panel-based approach aligns with the values of GDPR, and our business operates on three core principles:


  • Our consumer partners and policy makers proactively ensure full GDPR compliance and follow a stringent privacy standard for today’s market research
  • We disclose clearly what our research is about
  • We use only our opt-in research apps to collect behavioral information

Consent, Communication, and Opt-ins

  • We require a triple opt-in process when accepting participants
  • We anonymize and aggregate all information from our research panels  before it is delivered to internal or external users for analysis
  • We have a dedicated process for removing any sensitive data 
  • We renew consent and PII policy at every award transaction


  • Our panel participants may opt out at any time, or have their information erased from the service
  • We inform panelists about any updates in the service and their compliance with the panel rules

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