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Verto Analytics provides market research solutions that help brands and marketers keep up with the rapid pace of changing consumer media consumption on every app, device, service, and platform.

Leverage Our Cross-Device, Single-Source Consumer Panel

We operate a US-based panel whose members opt-in to passive metering across all their eligible devices – smartphones, tablets, laptops, and desktop computers. The passive data we collect can be directly connected to claimed attitudes and feelings collected from quantitative surveys and qualitative focus groups.

Get Second-by-Second Measurement Data

Our second-by-second data and deep reporting provide researchers, brands, and publishers the measurement data needed to inform better strategic planning, competitive intelligence, and tactical decision making.

Our Partners Leverage Verto Data to

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    Fill gaps in the customer journey

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    Make strategic business decisions

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    Build accurate competitive intelligence models

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    Benchmark competitors and profile audiences

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    Augment passively-collected behavioral data insights with quantitative surveys and qualitative focus groups

Choose the Right Solution

Data Feeds

Push event- and user-level, time-stamped contextual data directly to your data analytics and business intelligence systems.

Benchmark Trackers

Combine behavioral, demographic, competitive, and device-specific insights in one package.


Leverage our expertise, our existing methodologies, and metering technologies for your custom projects.

Smart Poll

A comprehensive research solution that correlates what consumers report with what they do.

See Our Analytics in Action. Find Out How Verto Can Grow Your Business.

  • Verto Analytics has been a superb data and insights partner for us. Their behavioral measurement data supports a variety of our strategic planning initiatives related to player behavior and growth opportunities.  

    Matt Penfield Zynga / VP of Consumer Insights
  • Verto Analytics’ next-generation audience measurement service gives us deep and detailed device and media metrics that help us drive growth of our First Screen solutions in a very strategic manner.  

    Gregory Wester Executive Vice President, Marketing and Business Development at Mobile Posse
  • Verto's single-source approach to both behavioral and attitudinal measurement provided a rich way to tell Vox Media's audience narrative.  

    Edwin Wong Vox Media / Senior Vice President of Media Insights and Innovation

Consumer Privacy

Consumer privacy is very important to us; all our processes and solutions comply with the strictest data privacy standards.

Our panel-based approach is fully GDPR compliant (unlike approaches that use cookies, tagging, SDKs, browser plug-ins, and other methods that do not ask users to opt-in; or fail to disclose that they collect users’ data).

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