Smart Poll

A Holistic View of The Digital Consumer

Traditional Market Research Meets Modern Measurement

Smart Poll offers a comprehensive research solution that correlates what consumers report with what they do, by combining attitudinal survey research with behavioral data.

What You Can Do

Target Survey Respondents Based on Behavioral Actions

We can work with you to query those with certain actions within our panel and provide a second-by-second account of their behavior in the desired time frame.

Create a Comprehensive Consumer Profile

Use survey research to uncover consumer motivations, preferences, and attitudes.

Improve Actionability Through Consumer Targeting

With a full picture of your target consumer, discover the online path to purchase in order to design advertising campaigns that perform better.

Scope of Data

  • User engagement metrics for web sites, apps, and games—by category, brand, and sub-brand

  • Cross-device ownership and usage

  • Time spent, sessions—filter by the hour, daypart, day or over months

  • Demographics: gender, age, household income, ethnicity, and more

  • Survey-based research

Research Output

  • Segmentation model with panelist-level segment variables calculated across the dimensions

  • Breakdown and analysis as per customer specifications

  • Formats: CSV and PDF

We help you measure the what, how, when—and also the why.

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