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Traditional audience measurement services have focused on providing reach, frequency, and basic engagement metrics. However, these metrics are no longer enough to stay competitive. To compete effectively for advertising dollars, your publishing organization needs to grow a highly engaged, loyal, and differentiated audience that advertisers want to reach. Then, you need audience measurement data that helps you generate the stories, context, validation, and insightful conclusions necessary to win the advertising budgets.

Introducing Audience Profiles

Verto Analytics’ Audience Profiles is a single-source measurement service from that fills an unmet need in the measurement industry. You need insightful data about your audience in order to effectively grow it and tell a compelling story to advertisers. Want to learn more? Download our whitepaper, Audience Measurement for Growth and Profit, or listen to our on-demand webinar, which provides an overview of the product.

To get you started, we’ve compiled seven steps that will help you fix your audience measurement, tell a better story, and win more advertisers.


Learn more about how Verto Analytics can help you fix your audience measurement with Audience Profiles. Or download our latest whitepaper, Audience Measurement for Growth and Profit.

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