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As the digital industry prepares for Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, we’ve just released Multitasking and Mobile Apps: New Ways to Measure Consumer Behavior, our latest in-depth report on how consumer behavior is evolving, and how to measure it. The report features Verto Analytics’ newest research on top-level view of the consumer digital trends we observed in 2016, and how they’ll impact mobile, wearables, connected homes, and the internet of things in 2017 and beyond. We’ll be publishing select excerpts over the next few weeks; you can also download the full report here.

As we know, the mobile market has exploded. In the U.S., our data shows that the average American owns five mobile devices. Looking further afield to global markets, we see the continued growth of distinctive mobile ecosystems in places like Japan and Korea—as well as the emergence of an increasingly mobile-first population in China, India, and others.

  • The mobile market has nearly reached a saturation point across the U.S. and Europe. We are paying close attention to multitasking (people opening and using multiple apps during a single “session”) and return rate (how often users return to an app once launched, and return to it after using another app—all during the same session).
  • We’re also keeping an eye on “hub apps”: apps to which consumers repeatedly return over the course of a single online session. In China, WeChat has already risen to become an indispensable, central hub app for Chinese consumers. In the U.S. and European markets, no single player has achieved such market share—yet.
  • We’re tracking the rise of apps that connect consumers to their external environments—such as audio systems, “smart” home hubs, fitness devices, and connected cars. These services and hardware will need to be seamlessly folded into the consumer mobile experience.

Interested in reading the full report? Download a copy here, or join our webinar on February 23 to delve into the data.

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