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In our previous post, we discussed how intense demand for the new PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S gaming consoles led to shortages of both—and how that consumer demand played out across online retailers and search engines. 

But the clickstream data from Verto’s single-source panel shows there’s still more to discover in the PlayStation v. Xbox story. So far, that data shows we’re trending toward a winner.

Is There a Strong Demand for the “Digital Only” Version of Each Console?

Both the PlayStation and Xbox are available in two versions. The full version of each console includes a disk drive to allow purchase and play of physical copies of games. Both retail for $499.

The “PS5 Digital Edition” is the exact same as the PS5 but has no disk drive—meaning games can only be downloaded digitally. This version is marked down $100.

The Xbox Series S is the “Xbox Digital Edition” and has no disk drive but also has reduced processing power and storage. Microsoft is selling this for $299, a $200 discount.

So, which version of each console is more popular?

The digital version of both consoles tend to be less popular than the more expensive versions that can use disks. This is most likely due to a number of issues, including the fact that, unlike digital copies of games, physical media can be resold and traded. 

Keep in mind, though: All versions are still popular—as of early 2021, all versions of these consoles are sold out across the U.S.

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