Proprietary Research Designed for Your Business

Meet your proprietary research and measurement needs by leveraging our expertise, our existing methodologies, and metering technologies for your custom projects.

What You Can Do

Customize Your Own Research Projects

Use our existing, longitudinal single-source panel to get your answers now.

Insights To Support Your Business Initiatives

Analyze and segment your audience more precisely, learn from trends, evaluate your competition, or study a market opportunity.

Save Time And Resources

Work with our team of data analysts to answer your biggest questions or design custom studies.


What We Offer

Behavioral Analysis
  • Quantify cross-device behavioral patterns at scale.

  • Observe how, when, and where people do research and learn about the categories they shop.

Adoption And Retention
  • Assess new technologies as they come to market and make data-backed projections about adoption.

Scope of Data

  • User engagement and growth for web sites apps, and platforms—by category, brand, and sub-brand

  • Cross-device ownership and usage

  • Time spent, research sessions, search, touchpoints — filtered by the day or over weeks

  • Clickstream analytics and proprietary journey techniques used by the world’s largest internet companies

  • Demographics: gender, age, HHI, ethnicity, and more

Research Output

  • Multi-tabbed spreadsheet and/ or presentation-ready deck containing key insights derived from our analysis

  • Formats: Excel and PPT (PDF)

We can help you with almost any research project you can imagine.

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