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Last Week, Verto Analytics presented the webinar, “How to Outsmart Your Competitors with Better Data,” which highlighted how Verto Watch can generate the insights you need to understand your real competitive threats, gain a better understanding of how to differentiate your business, and help you plan your next move before the competition. In this post, we share three of the key takeaways from the webinar. Interested in the others? Listen to the webinar on demand.

Getting Better Insights

In order get better, deeper picture of your audience, your competitor’s users, and an overview of your market, you need a product that will allow you to track granular and high-level trends. Verto Watch is an on-demand research portal for those who want 24/7 access to cross-device consumer behavioral data. Through Verto Watch, you can rank the performance of companies, apps, or websites. You can also gain a better understanding of your audience through a variety of demographic splits such as age group, gender, household income, and household size. In addition, you can get a fast overview of a subject in the marketplace. Here are some use cases that display the type of data Verto Watch can provide you.

Track competitive trends & threats
Understanding how you are doing against your competitors is key to developing your marketing strategy. Ranking Reports help you identify threats that might not be on your radar, by looking at the top performers in a given industry. You can sort by different data points that are of interest to you, such as user numbers or device sessions. You can also create these ranking lists based on the criteria you need for your own strategy and planning purposes. Parent-company level data is great for high-level strategy and finding collaboration opportunities, but if you are a mobile app publisher, you can simply apply filters to generate the same list for apps of a specific category like games. Comparative reports are an integral piece of data that you can use to outsmart your competitors.

Dayparts of usage vs. competitors
Another important piece of data is understanding when your users are using your service, and on what device. Using Verto Watch, you can quickly visualize how users are engaging with your properties throughout the day – and see how it differs across devices and competitors. You can see an aggregated view of users of a specific property (for example, Facebook) and their daypart behavior for each device they use. The data above depicts an example social networking property that’s used both via web and mobile app. The time period in this example actually compares two weekdays, but you can also see more general patterns. Generally, the mobile app is the key channel for the users, with PC usage peaking later in the evening.

In today’s competitive media environment, you don’t want to wait on the sidelines using last year’s measurement best practices while your competitors forge ahead to learn more about their users and put new insights into action. If you are interested in seeing Verto Watch data in action, check out one of our latest charts of the week, which features data collected from Verto Watch.

Interested in learning more about Verto Watch? Listen to the webinar on demand here.

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