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Measuring and understanding audiences across channels and devices is an ongoing challenge for any online company, but it’s an especially thorny issue for publishers, who must keep up with rapidly-changing constellation of audience behaviors. How audiences consume content is changing faster than ever before, and so are their behaviors: Verto Analytics data shows that between July and December 2016 alone, the total monthly time consumers spent using mobile apps on smartphones grew by a staggering 13%.

Solving the audience measurement problem

If you’re an online publisher, do you know what a day in the digital life looks like for your audience? As publishers contend with an increasingly mobile-oriented, apps-focused audience, where cross-platform and cross-device multitasking is the new norm, there’s a growing disconnect between what publishers know about their audiences now and they could potentially know about their audience. As a publisher, how do you tell a compelling story about your audience, especially to appeal to advertisers and marketers? And how does it compare to your competitors?

Today, Verto Analytics introduced its latest product, Audience Profiles, to address the major challenges with audience measurement that publishers face. Audience Profiles helps publishers monetize and visualize their audience, and solves three big questions that we’ve been hearing from both our customers and industry experts:

  1. How can you measure total audience engagement across apps, websites, video, mobile, wearables, and other channels and devices?
  1. With content is “atomized” across social media and news aggregators, are publishers missing the opportunity to claim a wider audience?
  1. How can we improve the granularity and accuracy of previous audience measurement methods, which measure devices instead of people, and do not capture the interactions, unduplicated reach, or the behaviors of the cross-device consumer?

Building a story through data: what makes your audience unique?

By using a single-source approach, we have deep insight into the individual consumer – and not just the devices they use throughout the course of a day. Instead, we can combine behavioral, demographic, device ownership, and competitive insights data to identify different user types and understand what makes your audience unique.

  • How does your reach compare to your competitors over the course of the day and across different devices; on which devices are you strongest, and when?
  • How are your daily users different from your occasional users?
  • What are the cross-device usage patterns of your audience: how engaged are they throughout the course of the day?

For publishers, these data points help paint a holistic audience picture while providing a deep dive into key competitive insights. And for their advertisers, publishers can now pinpoint their exact strengths in reaching and engaging specific target consumers.

Interested in Audience Profiles? Click here to join our June 22 webinar, where we’ll dive into how you can use data to tell compelling stories about your cross-device audience.

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