New Insights Reveal Consumer Cross-device Behavior Among U.S. Adults, The Most Popular Apps Among Age Groups, and Profiles of ‘Super’ Users.

SAN FRANCISCO, May 9, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — Verto Analytics (, the world’s first consumer-centric measurement company, today released a report titled, “Who is the Cross-device Consumer?” Sourced from Verto Watch, Verto’s syndicated research product, these new insights reveal consumer cross-device behavior among U.S. adults, the most popular apps among age groups, and profiles of ‘super’ users—people who spend more than twice as much time on games, shopping / e-commerce and music apps than the average consumer. Based on a single-source methodology, Verto Watch offers daily and day-part data on cross-device consumers’ usage patterns, content consumption, behavior and demographics.

Cross-Device Behavior Highest Among Millennial Women and Generation X Men
Millennial women are more cross-device than other consumers. Compared to their male counterparts, nearly a third of women ages 26-35 own at least three devices, compared to just 11 percent of men of the same age. However, this trend shifts considerably for Generation X: the number of men who own at least three devices jumps to almost 40 percent of men ages 36-45, compared to 36 percent of women.

‘Super Users’ Exposed: The Typical Super Mobile Gamer Is a 39-Year Old Female
Verto’s analysis of mobile app behavior has uncovered certain ‘super users’, who spend more than twice as much time on a specific type of app as the average consumer. The typical super mobile gamer is a 39-year old female, who spends on average 14.9 hours across 127 sessions per month on gaming apps. Their most frequently played games, in terms of time spent per month, include Pokémon GO, Candy Crush Soda Saga and Candy Crush Saga. The typical super shopper is a 41-year old female who spends an average of 4.5 hours across 47 sessions per month on shopping apps and sites. Their top apps, in terms of time spent per month, include Amazon, eBay and Wish. The typical music lover is a 20-year old male who spends 5.9 hours actively engaging with music apps and generating 181 sessions per month. Their top apps used include Spotify, Pandora and SoundCloud.

Mobile Usage Peaks in the Evening When PC Usage Drops
The data shows that cross-device usage is now standard, and mobile usage is pervasive throughout the day and week, with weekends showing higher use. Mobile device use peaks in the evening, when PC use takes a sharp drop – only to reach another peak at 9pm. Overall device usage is still led by PCs – with a 94 percent reach among consumers – but smartphone reach, at 81 percent, is quickly catching up.

The Average Consumer Spends More Than 22.5 Hours Per Month on Social Media and Communication Apps
Analysis of app usage shows that the average consumer spends the most time on social media and communication apps, followed by games at 14.75 hours, web browsers at 10.5 hours, and entertainment (video and music streaming) at 9.75 hours per month. For social apps, millennials prefer Kik over Snapchat, while Facebook leads in all age categories. Tinder is most popular among millennial males, and is used more often than Instagram or Snapchat among Generation X males.

“Cross-device media consumption has officially become the norm among most consumers,” said Hannu Verkasalo, CEO of Verto Analytics. “As a result, we’re seeing clear behavioral patterns emerge and a certain fluidity of usage—between screens and services. Brands, publishers and advertisers are waking up to the fact knowing which apps are the most popular isn’t enough. It’s more important for them to know what consumers are doing in the app and on which device, and who that consumer is. Verto Watch is the only measurement solution on the market today that offers brands a single-source view of the cross-device consumers’ digital behavior.”

The data and insights featured in the “Who is the Cross-device Consumer?” report was sourced from Verto Watch. Verto Watch offers syndicated research on the cross-device consumer accessible 24/7 from an online reporting portal. To learn more about the Verto Watch, visit Verto’s website or contact

To view the complete report with graphs and charts, click here.

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