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Did you know that mobile users unlock their device 49 times a day?

Verto Analytics recently gave some background on mobile unlocking behaviors on our webinar. There has also been lots of buzz around mobile search and display advertising, video advertising, and how much time and how many sessions companies like Facebook and Google capture on mobile.

However, there is no other form of engagement that is comparable to you swiping your device unlocked, if we just think about the number of times that happens per day. This activity beats Google Search, Facebook App, the use of personal assistant apps, etc.

Besides, when people intentionally unlock their devices – there is a reason for that. Therefore, their attention is highest and if one can exert the opportunity for providing useful content or advertising, that provides one of the biggest opportunities for future mobile advertising!

49 times per person
Phone unlocks per person

To provide some first-level insights on unlocking on our data blog today, please see the above chart to understand the extent of unlocking. On average consumers unlock their devices about almost 50 times a day! This means that there are around 150+ Billion Unlocks per month on just Android Smartphones in the U.S., and another almost 100 Billion on iPhones! This is a massive opportunity for eyeballs and engagement.

Not surprisingly, younger people unlock their devices much more frequently. Gen Z users unlock their devices on average 79 times a day, that means almost 10 times during the peak hours (evenings). People are addicted to their small screens, wherever they are, and younger people are more addictive than adults – baby boomers unlock “only” 30 times a day, and the silent generation 18 times a day.

Interested in more insights about the digital behaviors of the mobile unlock journey? Download the full report here.

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