Only 10 to 20 percent of all game downloads result in active users after 30 days; Report features use cases and analysis on mobile game adoption, segmentation, retention, and user acquisition

NEW YORK, July 19, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — Verto Analytics (, the world’s first single-source, cross-device audience measurement solution provider, today published a mobile gaming report, “Leveling up Your Mobile Game: Using Audience Management Data to Boost User Acquisition and Engagement.”  The research highlighted in the report shows that the key challenge today is not downloads. According to Verto’s data, less than 20 percent of all game downloads result in active users after 30 days.

The report goes beyond a mere analysis of game downloads by providing a look into how the fragmented, yet growing mobile game industry, figures into the app ecosystem. The research identifies key tactics for gaming companies to successfully compete for consumer attention. Verto’s retention and stickiness frameworks, and its behavioral segmentation models are explained with clear pointers on how gaming companies can benefit from such data. The report also demonstrates how in-depth demographic profiles of players, detailed usage metrics, and acquisition patterns arm game developers and publishers with valuable consumer insights and competitive intelligence, which can be utilized to develop complete, targeted strategies for success in today’s gaming marketplace. The framework helps gaming companies to assess how to monetize and grow the active piece of their game’s audience.

“Consumers are downloading and playing games on their mobile devices in staggering numbers, and the old gamer stereotypes from the days of video game consoles no longer apply. The demographics, usage patterns, and context of usage of today’s mobile gamer look quite different,” said Dr. Hannu Verkasalo, CEO and founder, Verto Analytics. “The mobile gaming market is highly competitive, and game developers and marketers need better statistical insights to maximize monetization. Unlike major Internet giants, global brands and e-commerce players, mobile gaming companies are still relying on in-house analytics or third-party mobile game data, rather than using media measurement to analyze wider trends across the mobile game landscape.”

Data from the Verto Analytics Mobile Gaming Report includes:

  • U.S. app users spend an incredible 1.15 billion hours each month playing games on smartphones and tablets – second only to social networking;
  • Mobile gamers comprise 57 percent of all mobile app users;
  • Depending on the mobile game, 40 to 60 percent of users drop off within the first full day post download. Moving beyond the first few days to 30 days post download, average retention figures drop to between 10 and 20 percent of users who have successfully installed the game. In short, fewer than two out of every 10 successful game downloads retain users after 30 days.
  • Less than three percent of active players make in-app purchases;
  • The top 40 percent of all gamers consume 88 percent of all monthly time spent with mobile games;
  • The average mobile gamer only accesses about one game per day;
  • Seventy percent of U.S. consumers own a smartphone and 45 percent own a tablet;
  • Types of gamers: light gamers account for three percent of all monthly time spent engaged with mobile games, heavy gamers consume 88 percent, and core gamers make up nearly two-thirds of all game play.

The release of Verto’s mobile gaming report is especially relevant given that mobile game revenues are predicted to reach 45 billion by 2018, and as IDC reports, total mobile gaming revenue is projected to grow more than 10 percent per year through 2020. Achieving mobile game success today is more challenging than ever as the games category is the most fragmented of all those in the app ecosystem with an increasing number of mobile games and ever-changing consumer tastes. Determining a game’s target audience and how best to use those metrics to target the right consumer, is a business imperative to maintain and grow market reach and engagement. Developers, marketers and game publishers must closely observe potential users at every stage of the game – from the quantification of the potential audience to optimizing game discovery, and from boosting game downloads to maximizing the eventual adoption and monetization – if they want to be competitive.

The insights offered in the mobile gaming report are derived from Verto Analytics’ single-source audience measurement solution and its new App Watch service launched earlier this year. Verto measures usage and behavior of today’s consumer on every device, app, and platform consumers use throughout the day and publishes data with hourly and daily granularity. Download the full report here or access the press kit here.

To learn more about Verto Analytics, visit the website or contact the research team.

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