Verto Methodology

Leading The Way in Behavioral Data Analytics

We operate a US-based panel whose members opt-in to passive metering across all their eligible devices – smartphones, tablets, laptops, and desktop computers.

The Verto cross-device panel is an ongoing, longitudinal panel that captures a wide breadth of behaviors – internet click-streams, application use, downloads and installs, view time and audio time, search activity and terms, travel locations, and robust e-commerce information across a variety of sites and apps.

We work closely with our community panel to inform them on the how and why behind our data collection, and our panelists are compensated for their participation. This strong and collaborative relationship results in an average panelist retention of 9 months.

This single-source database is unique to Verto; no other behavioral analytics company has the ability to measure consumer behavior across multiple devices with this level of depth. It gives us the exclusive ability to passively capture a breadth of behaviors. We enrich these insights with behavioral analysis and custom surveys.

Companies work with Verto to go one step deeper in their analysis.
A lot of measurement platforms can show you what is changing in the digital ecosystem, but only Verto can show you why.

Our second-by-second data and deep reporting provide researchers, brands, and publishers the measurement data needed to inform better strategic planning, competitive intelligence, and tactical decision making.

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