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In light of our recent funding announcement, we’re interviewing a few of our backers. Tom Glocer has an extensive background in the financial-information industry; from 1993 through 2011, he worked at Reuters Group PLC and its successor company, Thomson Reuters Corp. He served as CEO during his last 11 years at the news and professional information provider. His expertise has helped Verto Analytics develop its profile in the financial industry, especially in the investment sector.

Tom Glocer is currently the founder and managing partner of Angelic Ventures, LP, a family office focusing on early stage investments in financial technology, cyber defense and healthcare. He writes his own blog at

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Verto Analytics (VA): What are the unique aspects of Verto Analytics that led you to invest?

Tom Glocer (TG): The cross-media nature of the measurement platform, the Finnish heritage and tech expertise, and the great CEO and Chairman.

VA: You’ve spent the majority of your career in media, including 18 years at Thomson Reuters (formerly known as Reuters Group). Where do you think the future of advertising and media is headed? Do you think the traditional media giants, like Viacom, can co-exist with companies like Facebook and Google?

TG: In my experience, every technology era leads to the death of a couple of old guard members (eg., Newsweek and many other newspapers) who are unable to adapt, the rise of a couple of new faces (eg., Amazon and Google), and the adaptation by the great majority of established players (eg., Comcast, Disney).

VA: Based on your background in media and your more recent interest in big data, what do you think is the role of data in running today’s media companies? Are companies using data to drive their businesses adequately today?

TG: Data analysis, predictive data, and targeted narrowcasting of content and ads via granular knowledge of users is vital to the level of personalization that users desire.

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