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Kirill’s Verto Internship

In 2020, I had a chance to intern at Verto Analytics. This blog post tells the story about that experience.

A Career Taking Focus

In 2011 I moved to Finland for my bachelor’s degree studies, focusing on marketing. After completing my studies, I co-founded an advertising agency but eventually changed my focus to big data. Before Verto, I studied data science, analytics, visualisation, machine learning, and Python programming. To put my knowledge into practice, I completed a project in cooperation with—one of the world’s largest recruiting websites—to find out which data scientist software skills are in demand in the U.S. job market. The project required web scraping, data transformation, and visualisation. You can find the results here.

First Steps Towards the Internship at Verto

In 2020, I contacted Surath Chatterji, Vice President of Technology at Verto Analytics, and asked about the opportunity to have an internship with the company. In our first meeting, we identified my current skills and interests, as well as projects I potentially could complete at Verto. For me it was very important that I would not be just a trainee, but would solve problems to benefit both Verto Analytics and myself.

A Win-Win Situation

My trainee project comprised building an automated tool that collects external data, processes it, and generates a variety of dashboards for internal stakeholders. The project involved a combination of data engineering and analytics tasks, including data scraping, transformation, ETL pipeline building, and visualisation. 

While working at Verto, I did not feel like “just” an intern but actually like a full-time employee implementing a real project for an important use case. A project manager supervised my workflow, but I mostly worked individually—while frequently collaborating with colleagues. 

How was the internship experience in general? In one word, awesome! I had a really warm welcome from the team. People at Verto are friendly and open for communication, and are very supportive concerning both work and non-work matters. The work environment is great, with top-notch IT equipment, a nice office, and a ping pong table to take the mind off work during breaks. 

Verto is supportive not only in terms of work tasks but also when it comes to extra-curricular activities. I am an amateur runner and, during my trainee period, the Helsinki Half Marathon event was held. I finished my first official half marathon with my new record time of 1:43—in a Verto branded T-shirt!

My Career Takes Off Again

My Verto internship lasted around five months—but it felt like I had an intensive year of studying in the data domain. I had the opportunity to be part of the Verto Data Lab, see the implementation of a real data project from scratch, and get hands-on experience in data engineering and analytics. In the end, my Verto experience led to a full-time job with another analytics company after my trainee period.

I am very happy with my internship experience at Verto Analytics, which helped me acquire extensive experience in the field of data analytics and put my knowledge into practice. I thank the whole Verto team for making my trainee experience as awesome as it was.

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