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We’re thrilled to welcome Laura Grover to the Verto team. She joined the company in May as our Vice President of Client Solutions, and has spent the past month digging into our data and meeting with some of our biggest customers in the US. Interested in hearing more from Laura? She’ll be speaking at Casual Connect in San Francisco on July 20.

Q1: Tell us a bit about yourself/your background: where are you based, what were you doing before Verto, etc?

Laura Grover (LG): I’ve been in the media and ad effectiveness measurement space for about 15 years, based out of NYC throughout. I join Verto Analytics from Symphony Advanced Media, where I had the role of Senior Vice President of Client Solutions, and managed cross-platform TV measurement solutions, and designed and executed custom research media strategies. Prior to that, I was a Vice President of Client Services at Nielsen in the Ad Solutions division, where I developed strategic partnerships with consumer packaged goods companies and drove penetration of cutting-edge solutions, such as buyer behavior-based marketing, online and cross platform advertising campaigns optimization, and multi-touch attribution modeling. I had amazing experiences at both Symphony and Nielsen, and am excited to bring that experience to Verto.

Q2: How did you come to learn about Verto? What made you interested in the product/company?

LG: I learned about Verto from an old colleague of mine, who also knows [Verto Analytics CEO] Hannu. I wasn’t actively looking for a new position at that time, but I always enjoy an opportunity to network and agreed to have a breakfast with Hannu. Before meeting with him, I did a bit of research about Verto and Hannu and his previous company (Zokem), and was equally impressed by both.

Verto directly addresses so many areas that I consistently heard from people in the industry as a gap in their intelligence. The lack of single-source digital data, in a global capacity, is a very real pain point for companies looking to develop their strategies and to understand competitive dynamics. When I met with Hannu, his enthusiasm and vision for the company blew me away, and it was very clear to me that Verto is perfectly positioned to address this need in the marketplace.

Q3: Now that we’ve given you a chance to get settled, what are you most excited to work on?

LG: Verto is a young company and many of the engagements we are working on with clients are in their early days. One of things I’ve enjoyed most in my career is building long-standing partnerships with clients, and I’m looking forward to that opportunity at Verto. To me, this includes both delivering on the research that has been agreed upon, and also fostering product innovation to ensure that we stay relevant to our clients’ companies as their strategies evolve. There’s always a rush that comes with new business, but to me the more rewarding growth is in renewals; it shows that the company has delighted the client, and that the client trusts us to continue partnering with them moving forward.

Q4: Trend watch: what are the thorniest issues impacting our customers (or, the media/audience measurement sector) today, and how do you think Verto can help?

LG: I consistently hear from clients in the media measurement industry that they want single-source, behavioral cross-media data collection. The industry as a whole is making great strides on this front, but there still isn’t a perfect solution in the marketplace across TV, mobile, tablet, and PC. Verto is uniquely positioned to deliver this single-source, behavioral cross-media data on mobile, tablet, PC and e-Readers. We have a innovative data collection that provides granular, thorough data, both in the US and abroad.

Q5: You’re looking to expand your team in the US by hiring a Project Manager. What’s your ideal candidate for this role?

LG: Media is a complex industry experiencing constant innovation. My “perfect” candidate would know media and market research and be an expert on all media types and incredibly proactive and organized, but I’m convinced that it’s close to impossible to have all these skills and experiences given the nature of the industry. So I’m looking for someone who has some of these skills and experiences, and most importantly is eager to learn and grow with the company. Any smart person can learn about SVOD, SDKs, DTTP, and the rapidly-growing list of confusing acronyms in the industry, along with the technical project management process. That knowledge base alone isn’t going to make a stand-out candidate. To me, it’s the soft skills that define an exceptional candidate: effectively listening to and understanding clients, the inner drive to be self-motivated, and the desire to constantly learn are the differentiators.

[Editor’s note: does this sound like you? Learn more about the Project Manager role.]

Q6: We’re excited to launch a new series of articles and blog posts with you. Can you tell us what you’ll be writing about?  

LG: The fun thing about this new series of articles is that I have a blank slate to address all sorts of subjects. I’m still learning the ropes here and don’t have a finalized set of topics developed yet, but I have a lot of ideas. I want these posts to be a mix of big picture themes, such as the importance of comprehensive, syndicated daily (and even hourly) mobile data, and also topical content, such as looking at the surge in TV program streaming sites this fall. We also have a rapidly expanding global footprint, and I’m excited to examine trends in different regions.

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