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Today, we’re excited to launch a new monthly report, Audience Spotlight. Each report will provide a cross-device, consumer-centric view on a selected audience segment, with a deep dive into user demographics and rich behavioral metrics on an unduplicated audience segment, including media assets across all the key digital devices, and across app and web properties.

While our monthly Verto Index series provides an overview of some of the biggest and most popular sites and apps across the digital landscape, Audience Profiles lets us dig in to the behaviors of specific digital audiences: who are they, which devices do they use, and what does a day in their digital life look like? For our first report, we explore heavy users of games on PCs, tablets, and smartphones, whom we refer to as Heavy Gamers. Below, we share a few highlights from the report; you can also download the full 11-page report here.

Heavy Gamers: A Demographic Analysis

Who is the heavy gamer? Based on Verto Analytics data about consumer behavior, we have divided gamers into three distinct categories based on how they spend their time online. Heavy gamers comprise the top 20% of all gamers, based on the amount of time they spend per month with games. According to Verto data, Heavy Gamers are 44.9% male and 55.1% female, compared to the makeup of the U.S. adult online population, which is 48.6% male and 51.4% female.


Download the full report here.

Taking a Closer Look: Games in a Heavy Gamer’s Day

When it comes to gaming-specific activity, Heavy Gamers’ activity is defined by how much time is spent on specific games over the course of the day. As seen in the chart below, most Heavy Gamers spend the most time on games using a smartphone. A further breakdown of Heavy Gamers’ activity based on gaming titles and devices reveals:

  • On smartphones, Words With Friends and Pokémon GO are the most popular gaming titles, with activity peaking at 9:00, 15:00, 18:00 and 20:00
  • On PCs, Microsoft Solitaire is the most popular gaming title, with activity peaking at 3:00, 8:00, 13:00, 16:00, and 20:00
  • On tablets, Township and Hay Day are the most popular gaming titles, with activity peaking at 8:00, 14:00, 16:00, 18:00 and 20:00

Download the full report here.

Which Apps are Stickiest Among Heavy Gamers?

Stickiness is how Verto measures a given app or website’s audience engagement; the higher the stickiness rating (as a percentage), the more engaging (or stickier) an app or website is. When it comes to non-gaming apps, some of the stickiest among Heavy Gamers are, unsurprisingly, also some of the most popular digital properties on a global scale: Google Search, Gmail, and Facebook. But there are also some interesting smaller properties on the list, such as PayPal, Wikipedia, and Pinterest with respective stickiness of 15.6%, 15.1%, and 16.6%.

Download the full report here.

Audiences are spending time online around the clock, across multiple screens, and engaging with a wide variety of sites and apps. This growing group of constantly connected consumers requires a more creative, tactical approach to messaging and engagement – but not all consumers are equal. And Heavy Gamers are no exception; in particular, our Audience Spotlight report can help us draw important insights about this audience segment, including:

  • Titles in the Candy Crush franchise (especially Candy Crush Saga and Candy Crush Soda Saga) are not only popular among the general U.S. online audience (as mentioned in our most recent Verto Index: Mobile Games), but they’re especially popular among Heavy Gamers.
  • Simplicity can be an asset: Solitaire’s longevity and stickiness among Heavy Gamers shows some of the most simple games are the most popular.
  • Facebook rules: based on our analysis of which apps Heavy Gamers use throughout the day, Facebook emerges as an app that is heavily integrated throughout a Heavy Gamer’s digital life, presenting interesting opportunities for targeted advertising and other cross-platform integrations.

Interested in more insights about the digital behaviors and demographics about Heavy Gamers? Download the full report here.

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