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Google’s Maps looks to solidify its navigation dominance with AI-powered tools

In August 2019, Google led all major navigation apps across iOS and Android in monthly unique visitors (126.2 million), according to Verto Analytics data (…)

eMarketer, 31 March 2021

Customer Personas Can Transform SEO, PPC and Content Marketing

Google conducted another study, this time with Verto Analytics. They looked at two women in their 50s who were shopping in (…)

Search Engine Journal, 12 March 2021

What Is Everybody Doing On Discord?

The chat startup is leaning on its millions of passionate users to fuel growth after nearly tripling revenue last year.

Wall Street Journal, 8 March 2021

The Businesses Where Google Is Biggest (and the Ones Where It Isn’t)

Wall Street Journal, 21 October 2020

‘Fortnite’s’ Fight Against Apple Is The Height Of Corporate Cynicism

According to Verto Analytics, 63% of all Fortnite players in the U.S. are between the ages of 18 – 24. However, that figure does not include young children – while gamers under the age of 18 account for 28% (…)

Forbes, 15 August 2020

Snapchat Touts User Activity During National Football League Games

68% of those 21 and older used the app to share video, images or reactions while watching

AdWeek, 7 July, 2020

This year, bring the NFL to Snapchatters, no matter where they’re watching the game

Verto found that using Snapchat is integral to how our community experiences live sports. Snapchat is used most frequently for sharing reactions and communicating with fellow (…)

snapforbusiness, 7 July 2020

The Majority of Americans’ Mobile Time Spent Takes Place in Apps

We estimate that US adults will spend, on average, more than 4 hours with mobile internet, with 88% of that time within apps. The app percentage continues to increase year over year—though (…)

eMarketer, 9 June 2020

Bomb Pop blasts off on social to win over tweens

Meanwhile, about 14% of U.S. consumers ages 18 to 24 use SoundCloud, per a survey by Verto Analytics, although information about tween audiences is (…)

Mobile Marketer, 2 June 2020

Routinely Mobile at Home

According to a study conducted by Verto Analytics, Adults 18+ spend more time on mobile browsers than on any other app. But as we all settle into our home offices (…)

AI Thority, 23 April 2020


TechBytes with Vinayak Nair, VP Research Ops and Custom Analytics at Verto Analytics

MarTech Series, 20 Jan 2020

To establish how much time smartphone users spend on apps, researchers relied on an app provided by the media measurement company Verto Analytics. (…)

New York Times, 5 Jan 2020

How search enables people to create a unique path to purchase

We looked at thousands of users’ clickstream data as part of an opt-in panel to learn more about this new behavior.3 Scroll down to explore (…)

thinkwithgoogle, 2019

Same search terms, different emotions: Anticipate customer needs throughout the journey

In addition to partnering with Kantar, we worked with Verto Analytics to learn more about people’s behaviors as they move toward a purchase. All respondents opted-in(…)

thinkwithgoogle, October 2019

Bedtime browsing trend fuels night-time shopping at John Lewis

The secondary peak in online shopping is between 11am and midday, according to separate analysis by data company Verto Analytics. (…)

The Guardian, 9 Sep 2019

How the Venmo Debit Card May Save PayPal

Although Venmo does not release user data, Verto Analytics estimates the application has more than 7 million active monthly users. (…)

Investopedia, Aug 26 2019

New Kargo Research Reports That Mobile Web Tops Mobile Usage

Kargo, the mobile brand advertising company, released its 2019 Web vs. App Report in conjunction with Verto Analytics. (…)

Martech Advisor, July 24 2019

People Over 50 Are Avid Tech Users – So Why Are They Ignored?

In the U.S. alone, online shopping is a $460 billion industry and according to Verto Analytics, shoppers aged 55-74 made up 31% of (…)

Forbes, May 12 2019

Social Apps With New Content Achieve Higher Unlock Phone Engagements
Yet, when consumers unlock their phones, push notifications rarely initiate content discovery. That’s according to a new Verto Analytics report. (…)

MediaPost, April 25 2019

The Globe And Mail News Image

Closer to home, by comparison, women add up to a higher ratio of the game’s enthusiasts: Verto Analytics reported last year that (…)

The Globe And Mail, April 4 2019


41.4 million monthly active users in the U.S. as of July 2017, down 15% on the previous year(…)

> Medium January 10, 2018

The Verto Analytics report found a 325 percent increase in Alexa’s monthly unique users(…)

> ADWEEK January 11, 2018

Teenagers unlock their devices about 95 times a day on average, according to research firm Verto Analytics(…)

> Wall Street Journal January 12, 2018

Teenagers unlock their devices about 95 times a day, according to research firm Verto Analytics(…)

> Inc. January 15, 2018

Verto Analytics data shows that consumer attention and engagement is beginning to shift(…)

> Martech Advisors January 16, 2018

Social media and chat apps are where the majority of iOS and Android consumers first turn to on their smartphones, according to Verto Analytics(…)

> Business Insider January 17, 2018

Verto Analytics claims that Alexa’s monthly users have increased by 325 percent in 2017, equivalent to 2.8 million users(…)

> ADWEEK January 18, 2018

But with Instacart’s momentum putting egrocer platforms in the spotlight, the question arises: does this help existing retailers compete with Amazon?(…)

> Progressive Grocer January 19, 2018

Verto Analytics CEO Hannu Verkasalo spoke to Netflix’s growth over the past year and how the company matches up against competitors(…)

> Forbes January 22, 2018

Between June and August of last year, Uber Eats grew its monthly unique users from 2.5 million to 5.3 million, according to Verto Analytics(…)

> Fast Company January 22, 2018

The number of Google Search users crept up to 164.5 million in December, far ahead of Microsoft’s Bing (26.7 million), according to Verto Analytics(…)

> San Francisco Chronicle January 26, 2018

Hannu Verkasalo, founder and CEO at Verto Analytics, is optimistic about Snap’s prospects. “Snapchat still holds a fighting chance against its competitors,” Verkasalo said(…)

> Media Post Febuary 6, 2018

The mobile path to purchase can be characterized as unfocused and fleeting, according to recent data from Verto Analytics(…)

> eMarketer Retail Febuary 15, 2018

Surprise, females really like to shop! Data from Verto Analytics reveals that women comprise 52% of all online shoppers in the US(…)

> eMartketer Febuary 16, 2018

According to a new study from Verto Analytics, mobile shoppers are erratic, distracted, highly connected, and everywhere(…)

> Arke Febuary 20, 2018

Google and Verto’s Mobile Shopping Journey study found the average mobile shopping experience includes at least six visits to an app or mobile site(…)

> ADWEEK Febuary 23, 2018

In August, Verto Analytics estimated that Venmo had 10 million unique monthly users compared to an estimated three million for Cash at the time(…)

> Recode Febuary 27, 2018

For reference, Venmo — Cash App’s chief competitor — had about 10 million users last August, according to an estimate from Verto Analytics(…)

> The Motley Fool Febuary 27, 2018

Is Snapchat losing users and engagement after its big redesign, asks Verto Analytics(…)

> Marketing Land March 15, 2018

According to Verto Analytics data, an average person has about 89 apps on their phone(…)

> Medium March 15, 2018

According to research by Verto Analytics, the average teenager checks his or her phone 95 times per day, for a total about nine hours — and that doesnt even count talking(…)

> Esquire March 21, 2018

Further cementing Apple Music’s astonishing growth, it ranked as the most popular music streaming service last month according to Verto Analytics(…)

> Digital Music News March 29, 2018

A Verto Analytics study from Feb. 2018 found the majority of adult online shoppers are Gen X (35%), ahead of Millennials (30%) and baby boomers (31%)(…)

> Media Post March 31, 2018

8 million users are between ages 25 and 34, more than in any other age group, according to Verto Analytics(…)

> Forbes April 6, 2018

Verto Analytics found that GrubHub had the most US unique monthly users (6.8 million), followed by UberEats (4.7 million) and Postmates (1.1 million)(…)

> eMarketer April 17, 2018

Verto Analytics took at look at how Uber and Lyft compare since the beginning of the year. Uber still has more users, but Lyft is gaining quickly(…)

> eMarketer April 17, 2018

A December 2017 analysis by Verto Analytics showed that GrubHub had 6.7 million users in the U.S. as of October 2017(…)

> Fox News April 23, 2018

Verto Analytics also investigates the demographics, revealing more men than women use both apps, with Lyft having a more even split than Uber(…)

> Business of Apps April 24, 2018

Verto Analytics said in March that there was next to no change in the app’s number of daily active users(…)

> Gizmodo April 26, 2018

Actualmente Instagram cuenta con más de 800 millones de usuarios activos mensuales, con un promedio 206 minutos al mes en la plataforma, según datos de Verto Analytics(…)

> Merca 2.0 May 4, 2018

Apple Music and Spotify have nearly 50 million monthly unique users each, according to the research firm Verto Analytics(…)


According to Verto Analytics, Venmo has 10 million monthly unique visitors as compared to Square Cash, which has 3 million monthly unique visitors(…)

> Romper June 4, 2018

Instagram and Facebook Messenger are the most popular apps for Social Media Savvy Millennials, according to a new report from Verto Analytics(…)

> GeoMarketing June 18, 2018

A report from Verto Analytics shows 74% of Venmo’s users are below the age of 35 and half of those who use Square Cash are between the ages of 25 and 34(…)

> Medium June 22, 2018

Verto Analytics has released its annual index of streaming music services offering snapshots of performance according to Verto’s proprietary measures(…)

> Rain News June 27, 2018

A new study from consumer measurement firm Verto Analytics has revealed leading streaming music services – Spotify and Apple Music – have a large advantage among younger listeners(…)

> Digital Music News June 27, 2018

Verto Analytics has raised $13.4 million in financing to help media buyers, publishers, brands, and others make better decisions about where to put their advertising money across all digital platform(…)

> Venture Beat July 11, 2018

This month’s Verto Index looks at the most popular social media apps, websites, and services, from Facebook to Tumblr, based on monthly unique users(…)

> Media Post July 29, 2018

According to the company Verto Analytics, teenagers on average check the phone ninety-five times a day and stare at it for a total of nine hours a day(…)

> Esquire August 8, 2018

Nearly three quarters of Venmo’s user base is below the age of 35, with it heavily skewing toward millennials and Gen Z, Verto Analytics found(…)

> Mobile Marketer August 8, 2018

Dating apps increasingly represent some of the “stickiest” properties in consumers’ digital diets, according to recent analysis from Verto Analytics(…)

> Media Post August 9, 2018

Nearly three quarters of Venmo’s user base are under 35, according to Verto Analytics, making it a good fit for teen-focused brands(…)

> Retail Dive August 10, 2018

More than 60 percent of Fortnite players are ages 18 to 24, according to Verto Analytics, a market research firm(…)

> The Verge October 10, 2018

Although Venmo does not release user data, Verto Analytics estimates the application has more than 7 million active monthly users(…)

> Investopedia October 12, 2018

Forget everything you know about the marketing funnel. Today, people are no longer following a linear path from awareness to consideration to purchase. They are narrowing and broadening (…)


To find out, we studied cross-device clickstream data from the US online-shopping panel of Verto Analytics.1 Clickstream data can be fascinating

> McKinsey & Company  December 18, 2018
Yahoo hasn’t seen a major impact on traffic after it disclosed two huge data breaches last year, according to Verto Analytics, which measured mobile and web traffic on Yahoo sites(…)
> January 2, 2017
The Verto report found that longtime users consider service switching a “hassle” and others view a data hack as “more of a nuisance than a danger”(…)
> January 3, 2017
Hannu Verkasalo, CEO of Verto Analytics, said the company’s behavioural data, demographics, and real-time insights, has helped to boost growth among customers(…)
> January 4, 2017
Super Mario Run saw user engagement peak at Day 3 and was vastly outperformed by Pokemon GO in terms of playtime and number of sessions, according to Verto Analytics(…)
> January 4, 2017
Verto Analytics said it does not appear that traffic has been affected by Yahoo’s December announcement of a 2013 breach or the September disclosure of the 2014 one(…)
> January 5, 2017
According to Verto Analytics, which measures user behaviour via an opt-in measurement app, Super Mario Run demonstrates the sort of player behaviour we’d expect from a console game(…)
> January 9, 2017
This is why media measurement company Verto Analytics has opted for a consumer-centric approach to track user behaviour(…)
> January 10, 2017
Third-party measurement companies have not been fast enough to develop new metrics to hold the likes of Facebook to account(…)
> January 13, 2017
A report by Verto Analytics indicated that Yahoo had not seen a significant decline in traffic after disclosing its two data breaches to consumers(…)
> January 23, 2017
Data from audience measurement firm Verto Analytics shows UK mothers having a higher propensity than total internet users to go online via PCs(…)
> January 25, 2017
13 million adults in the U.S. used Microsoft’s Outlook email app as of December 2016, according to data from Verto Analytics(…)
> January 26, 2017
Verto Analytics, the mobile and app measurement company, just rolled out a new tool that combines surveys with cross-device metering dubbed Smart Poll(…)
> January 27, 2017
After the disappointing Q4 2016 earnings, Verto Analytics calls this a “turnaround quarter” for Apple. Now, can it continue the momentum through March?(…)
> January 31, 2017
Verto Analytics told BGR that almost 610,000 mobile device owners used the Move to iOS app to switch to a new iOS device suggesting a surge in new iOS users over the holiday period(…)
> February 1, 2017
The average U.S. user spent 5 hours and 23 minutes total on Snapchat in December, whereas the average U.S. Instagram user only spent 1 hour and 54 minutes total(…)
> February 7, 2017
A pair of reports from Verto Analytics gives insight into the messaging application’s near future by examining time spent on Snapchat, along with U.K. demographic data(…)
> February 7, 2017
Most mobile app and gaming companies know their own audience, but they know little about the context, demographics, competitive landscape, nor did they know how to sell advertising to brands(…)
> February 10, 2017
The latest figures from Verto Analytics show what the float all comes down to. The bet for investors is whether a Millennial audience, which Snapchat has had for a year or two(…)
> February 16, 2017
People aged 18 to 24 years old make up 35 per cent of Snapchat users in the UK, but account for 70 per cent of time spent in the app in the country, according to Verto Analytics(…)
> February 16, 2017
There are questions about the sustainability of the app – particularly whether it will continued to be championed by younger people in the future on whom it is so reliant(…)
> February 17, 2017
Marketers need to be far cleverer and move past using a simple cost-per-install metric to measure ROI. Why? Because of the enormous amount of user churn(…)
As the definition of ‘mobile’ includes an ever greater range of devices, marketers are having to play catchup to reach their audiences across an average of five screens(…)
> February 22, 2017
Ahead of today’s expected Snapchat IPO, Verto Analytics loos at how US usage of the popular messaging app compares to the UK data(…)
> March 1, 2017
Data from Verto Analytics indicates that Generation Z, Millennials and Millennial parents are embracing the messaging platform, although it still is fighting to increase total user numbers(…)
> March 2, 2017
According to separate figures from Verto Analytics, the story in the UK is slightly different: time spent on Snapchat in the UK is more dominated by 18-24 year-olds(…)
> March 2, 2017
Snapchat’s hourly audience far exceeds Twitter’s and no other big social platform compares among millennials and teenagers says Verto Analytics(…)
> March 2, 2017
Verto’s Connie Hwong weighs in live from Mobile World Congress in Barcelona on the Snap IPO and what Verto believes might be in store for the company(…)
> March 2, 2017
Data from Verto Analytics indicates that Generation Z, millennials and millennial parents are embracing the messaging platform, although it still is fighting to increase total user numbers(…)
> March 6, 2017
Dr. Hannu Verkasalo, the CEO of Verto Analytics and one of our contributors, shares his insights about this year’s Mobile World Congress in Barcelona(…)
> March 14, 2017
Verto Analytics data shows that the average US adult (ages 18 and above) now owns five devices and spends nearly 220 collective hours per month online across these devices(…)
> March 16, 2017
New research from Verto Analytics reveals how new mums are much more savvy than the average adult online(…)
> March 24, 2017
Verto Analytics data found Instagram’s users are fairly evenly spread across all age groups, especially among people aged 20-49(…)
> March 27, 2017
A report published this week from Verto has found that Apple Music attracted 40.7 million monthly unique users to its service in the U.S. in February(…)
> March 27, 2017
Just yesterday, a research report from Verto Analytics found something pretty interesting. It turns out that Apple Music had the most active users for the month(…)
> March 31, 2017
Verto Analytics data shows that mobile apps retain 2%-25% of their user base 30 days after download, and fewer than 2% of mobile downloads lead to long-term users(…)
> April 7, 2017
According to Verto Analytics, data reveals that smartphone usage has overtaken PCs as the most prevalent household device in the U.S. and the UK in the past two years(…)
> April 12, 2017
Apple Music enjoyed some 40.7m unique users in March, leading all U.S. streaming services, according to a survey from global media-measurement shop Verto Analytics(…)
> April 17, 2017
Verto Analytics reported a jump in traffic to Netflix due to Iron Fist. The firm said the company had almost quadruple the number of monthly U.S. users that other video streaming services had in March(…)
> April 17, 2017
Mobile isn’t just driving engagement and digital reach, but also ad spend. Most of mobile advertising is still performance-based (downloads or clicks) but expect branding spend to rise(…)
> April 18, 2017
PayPal was the No. 1 mobile banking and financial app. Verto’s data is notable not only in illustrating PayPal’s dominant position, but also Android Pay’s comparably weak one(…)
> April 18, 2017
Though Venmo doesn’t release user figures, Verto Analytics estimates it has more than 7 million active monthly users, which still pales next to PayPal’s 197 million accounts(…)
> April 18, 2017
Hannu Verkasalo, CEO of the New York research firm Verto Analytics, said streaming is expected to account for 60 to 65 percent of total music revenue in the U.S. next year(…)
> April 22, 2017
Verto Analytics finds that Apple continued to grow its user base last quarter—the tech giant quietly added 3 million new users in the last quarter to its overall user base(…)
> May 2, 2017
Verto Analytics data for November 2016 showed Groupon had 67.8 million unique users, outranked among ecommerce platforms only by Amazon, Walmart, eBay and Apple(…)
> May 2, 2017
Facebook has focused on global user growth and some new features like bots, mobile payments, in-app gaming have not yet materialized into reality(…)
> May 3, 2017
Zynga’s Words With Friends was the most popular mobile game in the US in March 2017 with 13 million unique users for the month, according to Verto Analytics(…)
> May 5, 2017
There’s a new company called “Smart Panel” that will literally pay you to download its free app(…)
> The Penny Hoarder May 9, 2017
The typical “super mobile gamer” is a 39-year old woman who spends an average of 14.9 hours across 127 gaming sessions a month, according to Verto Analytics(…)
> May 9, 2017
Millennial women are more cross-device compared to other consumers. According to new research from Verto Analytics, the ad measurement company, almost a third of women aged 26-35 own at least three devices(…)
> Moby Affiliates May 10, 2017
A new study into the playing habits of mobile gamers has identified the most valuable consumers as women in their late thirties that enjoy catching monsters as much as matching gems(…)
> May 10, 2017
A new report from Verto Analytics has revealed that Generation X men and Millennial women are among the highest users of multiple devices(…)
> ResearchLive May 11, 2017
Words with Friends has topped Verto Analytics Mobile Game report for April 2017, netting the most unique users during March, gathering the most reach, and having one of the highest “stickiness” ratings around(…)
> Business Of Apps May 11, 2017
In the UK, Snapchat lost almost 1.9 million visitors (a 30% decline) and now reaches 4.3 million people, according to research by Verto Analytics(…)
> campaign May 11, 2017
In The Media
According to Verto Analytics Snapchat acquired 338,000 among the 18-24 age group (a 20% rise) in the first quarter of 2017(…)
> Creativepool May 11, 2017
Hannu Verkasalo said “Snap’s lukewarm IPO shows the company has yet to prove its worth to investors as a profitable social media platform based on monetisation metrics.”(…)
> MarketingTech May 12, 2017
In The Media
Hannu Verkasalo commented,”Broadly speaking, PC usage peaks between 11am-2pm, mobile between 6-9pm and tablets from 8-10pm.”(…)
Verto Analytics reported that the average smartphone has 90 apps installed yet, only eight get used daily(…)
> Media Post May 17, 2017
In The Media
Verto Analytics found that time spent on communications and social media apps grew 38% from September 2016 to March 2017(…)
> Warc May 17, 2017
“The growth of messaging and social apps mean that the total app time is becoming dominated by just a few sectors,” said Dr. Hannu Verkasalo, Verto Analytics CEO.”(…)
> Mobile Marketing May 17, 2017
Verto analytics measured app games, which saw the biggest decline in time spent by 2.4 billion minutes (a drop of 16%)(…)
> Research Live May 17, 2017
CEO Hannu Verkasalo said the social media app sector is a “clogged pipe” with the average person downloading 90 apps, but using only eight of them on a daily basis(…)
> Mobile World Live May 17, 2017
“Apps such as WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook account for the greatest share of time spent using apps, according to Verto Analytics(…)
> Marketing Tech News May 17, 2017
In The Media
More than half (51%) of Snapchat users are aged 18 to 34, according to digital market research firm Verto Analytics(…)
> BBC May 17, 2017
Verto Analytics concluded that the average “super mobile gamer” is a 39-year-old female, who racks up around 127 gaming sessions per month(…)
> Gamasutra May 17, 2017
Verto Analytics reports that time spent on social media apps rose by 11.2 billion minutes between September 2016 and March 2017 (…)
> eMarketer May 18, 2017
“People are finding the same features in Instagram and they have no use for Snapchat anymore,” said Hannu Verkasalo of Verto Analytics(…)
“According to Verto Analytics, action/strategy games are the fourth most popular genre on mobile, with a high number of user sessions per month(…)
> Venture Beat May 22, 2017
“Hannu Verkasalo,“As long as Google and Facebook are dominating, it is very difficult for other measurement companies to challenge those tools.”(…)
> The Times May 24, 2017
“The analysis is based on data provided by Verto Analytics, collected through a passive on-device monitoring app ‘Smart Panel'(…)
> Business Wire May 24, 2017
“Hannu Verkasalo, “While PCs are still very relevant across the daily life of the consumer, it certainly seems to be more email and work focused.” (…)
Verto Analytics looked at smartphone usage among US Android users and, in particular, the actions they took after unlocking their screen(…)
> eMarketer May 26, 2017
According to a study by Verto Analytics the next most dominated by smartphones are the people, family & lifestyle at 69 per cent of time spent(…)
> Mobile Marketing June 1, 2017
According to Verto Analytics, smartphones account for 82% of the time people spend visiting health and fitness sites and apps(…)
> Research Live June 1, 2017
Dr. Hannu Verkasalo comments, “media owners need to adapt their strategies in line with how users naturally expect to consume them.”(…)
> PerformanceIN June 1, 2017
“Media owners and advertisers must adapt their behavior to reflect how people are most likely to be visiting them,” said Dr. Hannu Verkasalo(…)
> Health Journal Daily June 1, 2017
Property is the only sector dominated by tablet usage: tablets account for 67% of the time people spend on property sites(…)
> The MarketingBlog June 2, 2017
Verto Analytics has hired former Nielsen exec Tero Lindberg as Head of Technology Operations, managing and supporting larger customers(…)
> MrWeb June 2, 2017
Lindberg has held senior roles at Arbitron, Kiosked and Nielsen and in this role will be based at Verto Analytics’ Finnish Center of Excellence(…)
> Research Live June 5, 2017
Verto announced that it tripled its US-based customers, after enjoying some solid momentum in the US and UK recently(…)
> Mobyaffiliates June 5, 2017
Verto Analytics found internet users preferred smartphones for accessing health and fitness sites or apps(…)
> eMarketer June 5, 2017
Lindberg has previously held senior technology roles at Arbitron, Kiosked and Nielsen and will be based at Verto Analytics’ Finnish Center of Excellence(…)
> Research Live June 5, 2017
Hannu Verkasalo said that the news/weather sector in particular “should take heed” of how users access their content and not rush to target mobile(…)
> Mediatel June 8, 2017
Verto Analytics showed share of total time spent in games dropped from 18 per cent to 13 per cent between September 2016 and March 2017(…)
> Mobile World Live June 8, 2017
Hannu Verkasalo explains that the multitasking consumer has created a challenge for brands and publishers to measure time spent(…)
> Mobyaffiliates June 8, 2017
Verto Analytics Launches Audience Profiles Product, Market Wired(…)
> Marketing Land June 13, 2017
The cross-device consumer is becoming the norm. Close to 75% of American adults use at least two devices per month, and almost 40% use at least three(…)
> Media Post June 13, 2017
Verto Analytics has launched Audience Profiles, which promises publishers data on consumer behavior, demographics and device usage, plus competitive insights all in one package(…)
> MrWeb June 13, 2017
Audience Profiles helps publishers build compelling stories to position their total audience across devices to advertisers(…)
> The Marketing Blog June 13, 2017
Verto Analytics today announced a new media measurement product targeted for US and EU publishers(…)
> MarTech Advisor June 14, 2017
Verto Analytics Launches Audience Profiles Product, Market Wired(…)
> MarTech Today June 14, 2017
Audience Profiles claims to be the first single-source audience measurement solution to offer behavioural, demographic, device usage and competitive insights in one package(…)
> InPublishing June 14, 2017
Verto Analytics has launched Audience Profiles, a media measurement tool combining behavioural, demographic, device and competitive insights(…)
> Research Live June 14, 2017
Audience Profiles adds behavioural data, device usage as well as other insights into a single offering(…)
> Mobyaffiliates June 16, 2017
Publishers can create audience profiles that power storytelling and monetize users via advertising(…)
> MarTech Series June 21, 2017
Smart Panel is run by Verto Analytics and collects information about how people use the internet through computers, smartphones and tablets(…)
> Huffington Post June 23, 2017
App stores today offer an estimated 3.6 million choices, including games, fitness programs, shopping and dating, according to Verto Analytics(…)
> Fox Business June 23, 2017
App stores today offer an estimated 3.6 million choices, including games, fitness programs, shopping and dating, according to Verto Analytics(…)
> Yahoo Finance June 23, 2017
App stores today offer an estimated 3.6 million choices, including games, fitness programs, shopping and dating, according to Verto Analytics(…)
> Wall Street Journal June 23, 2017
The analytics firm conducted a poll of current Windows owners and asked them if they planned to buy a Mac in the next 6-24 months(…)
> Apple World Today June 28, 2017
Nearly a quarter of users who currently own Windows-based PCs plan to switch to a Mac, according to Verto Analytics(…)
> The Mac Observer June 28, 2017
21 percent of PC laptop owners and 25 percent of PC desktop owners are looking to switch over to a Mac within the next two years, according to Verto Analytics(…)
> The Washington Times June 28, 2017
There was high interest among lower earners in their teens and twenties, who may be anticipating a switch as their income grows, according to Verto Analytics(…)
> 9to5 Mac June 28, 2017
A new survey of U.S. computer customers has found that Apple continues to enjoy strong brand loyalty with its followers(…)
> Digital Journal June 28, 2017
Those with an average annual income of $150,000 or more showed the highest likelihood of switching to a Mac(…)
> Mac Rumors June 28, 2017
A recent survey conducted by Verto Analytics found that nearly 25% of current Windows users plan to switch to Mac within 6 months(…)
> iClarified June 28, 2017
An astonishing amount of folks running Windows are planning to switch over to a Mac computer, according to Verto Analytics(…)
> Techradar June 29, 2017
According to Verto Analytics, 25% of Windows PC owners and 21% of Windows laptop owners are planning to switch to macOS(…)
> Techspot June 29, 2017
A recent survey by Verto Analytics reveals that 21 percent of Windows users in the US would switch to Apple’s Mac should they have the chance(…)
> Softpedia June 29, 2017
A surprisingly high number of U.S.-based Windows users are planning to switch to Mac, according to a new survey by Verto Analytics(…)
> The Motley Fool June 30, 2017
The survey from Verto Analytics found that 25% of those with Windows desktop computers were planning to migrate to a macOS machine(…)
> Nasdaq June 30, 2017
Verto claims that 98 percent of Mac PC users are happy with their devices, while 2 percent only are willing to make a move to Windows(…)
21% of Windows laptop owners and 25% of Windows desktop owners said that they intend to switch to a Mac, according to Verto Analytics’ recent poll(…)
> Business Insider July 3, 2017
A surprisingly high number of U.S.-based Windows users are planning to switch to Mac, according to a new survey by Verto Analytics(…)
> Yahoo! Sports July 3, 2017
Verto Analytics – consumer-centric measurement solution for monitoring today’s consumer on every device, app, and platform used throughout the day(…)
> Arctic Startup July 5, 2017
Siri remains the most popular virtual assistant with 41.4 million monthly active users in the U.S., according to Verto Analytics(…)
> Tech Crunch July 11, 2017
Verto claims Siri’s active base declined by around 15 percent between May 2016 and May 2017, to around 7.3 million monthly users(…)
> Cult of Mac July 11, 2017
According to Verto Analytics, overall adoption of assistants remains “sluggish” and smartphone users still prefer to complete tasks using the touchscreen(…)
> Digital Journal July 11, 2017
There has been an eight per cent increase in monthly unique users of all the assistants added together, up to 93.6m, according to Verto(…)
> Mobile Marketing July 11, 2017
Verto Analytics shows use of Siri is down 15 percent over last year, but the personal assistant is still twice as popular as its nearest competitor(…)
> iLounge July 11, 2017
Between May 2016 and May 2017, Verto claims that Siri lost 7.3 million monthly users. Samsung S Voice has dropped proportionately as well(…)
> Apple Insider July 11, 2017
Verto’s research found that while Siri is still the top-ranking personal assistant app based on number of unique monthly users(…)
> Apple World Today July 11, 2017
According to Verto Analytics, Siri has 41.4 million users per month of a total pool of users in the U.S. is 71 million(…)
> The Verge July 11, 2017
Siri lost 7.3 million monthly users, or about 15% of its total U.S. user base, according to new data released on Tuesday by Verto Analytics(…)
> Fortune July 11, 2017
Verto Analytics show that Apple’s Siri continues to be number one in the United States with no less than 41.4 million monthly unique users(…)
> Softpedia July 12, 2017
Verto notes that the overall smart assistant niche has struck a plateau and while some AI apps are marking a steady growth, the sector is stagnating(…)
> Phone Arena July 12, 2017
Verto Analytics reports that while 44% of smartphones had a personal assistant app, users only spent 12 minutes per month on these types of apps(…)
> eMarketer July 12, 2017
Apple’s Siri is currently the behemoth among voice assistants, with 41.4 million monthly users in the U.S. in 21017, according to Verto Analytics(…)
Use of personal assistant apps on mobile devices is, at best, stagnating, and, at worst, decreasing, as US consumers appear to begin favouring standalone devices(…)
> WARC July 12, 2017
Verto found that engagement with Siri declined by nearly 50 percent over the same period, down to 11 percent from 21 percent(…)
> Yahoo! News July 12, 2017
As per a new report from Verto Analytics, Siri has experienced a 15-percent decline in monthly users since last year(…)
> Digital Trends July 12, 2017
According to Verto Analytics, Siri lost nearly 15% of its U.S. user base, 7.3 million users, in the year to May(…)
> Fortune July 12, 2017
Between the period of May 2016 and May 2017, Siri lost 7.3 million monthly users — down to 41.4 million from the previous year’s 48.7 million(…)
> Wareable July 12, 2017
“Despite all the hype, the take-up of personal assistant apps is spotty and sluggish,” said Hannu Verkasalo, CEO of Verto Analytics(…)
> In Publishing July 12, 2017
Verto Analytics’ report, found that 44% of US adult smartphone owners ( 71 million) used a PA app in May 2017, the same as the year before(…)
> Research Live July 12, 2017
Siri had an average 41.4 million monthly active users in the United States in May, according to a survey of 20,000 people by Verto Analytics(…)
> USA Today July 13, 2017
Figures released by Verto Analytics reveal that Siri lost 7.3 million monthly users in the year since May 2016(…)
> Wareable July 15, 2017
Apple’s virtual personal assistant Siri lost 7.3 million monthly users, or about 15% of its total U.S. user base, according to Verto analytics(…)
> Fortune July 15, 2017
Verto Analytics tracked 20,000 AI assistants in the U.S. from May 2016 to May 2017, the number of monthly Siri users actually declined 7.3 million(…)
> Phone Arena July 16, 2017
Average Netflix viewership time declined from 206 minutes per user in March to 179 minutes in June, according to Verto Analytics(…)
> CNBC July 17, 2017
Amazon has had its number of unique monthly users soar from 0.8 million to 2.8 million over the last twelve months, according to Verto Analytics(…)
> Seeking Alpha July 17, 2017
Verto Analytics recently analyzed personal assistant app usage among its panel of U.S. consumers between May 2016 and May 2017(…)
> Venture Beat July 17, 2017
Verto Analytics show Siri is the most-used assistant app, though its share of the market is falling as Cortana, Alexa, and Google Assistant gain ground(…)
> Gadgets Now July 18, 2017
Siri continues to dominate the AI space by still being the most popular virtual assistant with 41.4 million Monthly Active Users(…)
> blasting news July 18, 2017
Apple still holds a lead in terms of how many people use Siri — 41.4 million for Siri, to’s 2.6 million — according to Verto Analytics(…)
> The Washington Post July 24, 2017
Verto Analytic’s CEO Hannu Verkasalo introduces the conditions under which AI driven apps are influential(…)
> Media Post July 24, 2017
According to a recent report by Verto Analytics, even though Siri is the most-used voice assistant with 7.3 million monthly users(…)
> Fortune July 24, 2017
There has been a decline in the average viewership time on Netflix from 206 minutes per user in March to 179 in June, according to Verto Analytics(…)
> CNN July 24, 2017
Where others providing mobile analytics include App Annie, Verto Analytics, and Apptopia (among many others)(…)
> Tech Crunch July 25, 2017
“Instagram continues to grow as the photo sharing platform pulled in over 129.7 million users in Q2 2017″, said Hannu Verkasalo(…)
> ValueWalk July 26, 2017
Verto Analytics found that nearly half (44%) of all smartphones in the US had a personal assistant app that was used at least once in May 2017(…)
> eMarketer July 27, 2017
Verto’s data shows that women (54 percent of total user base) use personal assistant apps slightly more frequently than men(…)
> Venture Beat August 5, 2017
“Google and Facebook’s share of internet time and ad revenue is staggering considering the internet’s near-infinite long tail,” said Hannu Verkasalo(…)
> WARC August 9, 2017
Google and Facebook now account for one in every three and a half minutes of time Britons spend online(…)
> MediaTel August 9, 2017
Facebook attracted the largest share of UK adult internet users’ online time of any digital property in Q2 2017, according to Verto Analytics(…)
> eMarketer August 9, 2017
One in every six minutes (17%) of UK internet time is spent on Google properties, according to measurement firm Verto Analytics(…)
> Research Live August 9, 2017
The study, from measurement firm Verto Analytics, British adults accumulate 42.7 million days a month across Google properties(…)
> Net Imperative August 9, 2017
Houseparty “is an example of somebody who is challenging the status quo,” says Hannu Verkasalo(…)
> Wall Street Journal August 9, 2017
According to a study by Verto Analytics, most use a personal assistant app to ask a question or search for something specific(…)
> eMarketer August 10, 2017
Apple’s virtual assistant Siri lost 15% of its monthly U.S. users in the year-long period ending in May, according to Verto Analytics(…)
> Mobile Marketer August 10, 2017
Maybe this is why Verto Analytics found a decline in engagement on Snapchat despite the increase in user numbers(…)
> Value Walk August 10, 2017
Hannu Verkasalo said that although Snapchat picked up a sequential increase in users, engagement began to slow(…)
> Value Walk August 10, 2017
According to Verto Analytics, British adults accumulate 42.7 million days a month across Google properties(…)
> InPublishing August 10, 2017
Data from Verto analytics suggests Google accounts for 16.9 per cent of time spent online in the UK(…)
> Press Gazette August 10, 2017
In the U.K., Google and Facebook account for 1 in 3.5 minutes of Britons’ time spent online, according to Verto Analytics(…)
> Digiday August 11, 2017
Google and Facebook together account for 28% of UK Internet time, according to findings from Verto Analytics(…)
> Mobyaffiliates August 14, 2017
According to market research from Verto Analytics, about 1 million people use Google’s Allomessaging service every month(…)
> Pocketnow August 15, 2017
Research from Verto Analytics has found that Google and Facebook together account for 28% of UK Internet time(…)
> Mobyaffiliates August 18, 2017
The King of acquisitions or better phrased the acquisition of King, is one to strengthen Activision Blizzard, Inc(…)
> Seeking Alpha August 22, 2017
Verto’s stickiness rating compares daily and monthly users to quantify the most engaged users(…)
> PaymentsSource September 1, 2017
With more iPhones sold worldwide, apple’s growth doesn’t look to be slowing down anytime soon, new data from Verto Analytics shows(…)
> Apple World Today September 11, 2017
With more iPhones sold worldwide, apple’s growth doesn’t look to be slowing down anytime soon, new data from Verto Analytics shows(…)
> Mac Hash September 12, 2017
According to exclusive research by Kargo and Verto Analytics, it turns out that most consumers use a combination of these methods(…)
> Adweek September 12, 2017
Verto Analytics’ Dr Hannu Verkasalo spells out the implications for data-driven marketers of having two such powerful internet giants(…)
> Global Marketing Alliance September 14, 2017
Verto Analytics showed that smartphones account for 57% of people who go online, whilst traditional PCs account for 27% and tablets 16%(…)
> Net Imperative September 20, 2017
“Mobile’s dominance at every hour of the day is a change from recent years” said Hannu Verkasalo, Verto Analytics CEO(…)
> Mobile Marketing September 20, 2017
Verto Analytics showed that smartphones account for 57% of people who go online, whilst traditional PCs account for 27% and tablets 16%(…)
> WARC September 20, 2017
The smartphone have become a more popular way of connecting to the internet than the desktop computer, according to Verto Analytics(…)
> Telecompaper September 21, 2017
The latest research from Verto Analytics shows that mobile is the device of choice for 57% of people who go online(…)
> Media Post September 21, 2017
“Mobile’s dominance at every hour of the day is a change from recent years” said Hannu Verkasalo, Verto Analytics CEO(…)
> Inpublishing September 22, 2017
Research from Verto Analytics shows that twice as many adults now use the internet on a smartphone than do on a desktop(…)
> Video Ad News September 22, 2017
Verto Analytics has looked at the user numbers of the Angry Birds games(…)
> Business Of Apps September 22, 2017
Measurement company Verto Analytics has added veteran advertising and technology industry executive Liz Musch to its board of directors(…)
> Mobile Marketing September 28, 2017
Digital media measurement firm Verto Analytics has given former Ipsos CEO Liz Musch a seat on its Board of Directors(…)
> Mr. Web September 29, 2017
According to Verto Analytics, the Angry Birds franchise has seen its monthly US visitors over the age of 18 tripled over the last year(…)
> Tech Crunch September 29, 2017
Verto Analytics’ Connie Hwong, “However, even the most successful Angry Birds titles still lag well behind flagship offerings from their biggest rivals”(…)
> The Marketing Blog September 29, 2017
According to Verto Analytics, monthly US visitors to the raft of Angry Birds’ titles has tripled over the last year from 2.0 to 5.9 million(…)
> Lovely Mobile News September 29, 2017
Mike Read, European SVP at Verto Analytics, highlights the inevitability of an increasingly secure web(…)
> FLIPP October 5, 2017
According to Verto Analytics’ data, American adults spend more than 74 hours per month on their smartphones(…)
> Information Week October 5, 2017
Verto posted high-level research into news access across platforms, highlighting how valuable audience segments engage with news content(…)
> Digital Content Next October 10, 2017
Data collected by Verto Analytics highlighted the growing popularity of voice-activated digital assistants(…)
Facebook and Google have evolved to control volume, ad tech tools, cross-device reach, user experience and analytics and targeting(…)
> AdExchanger October 13, 2017
Verto Analytics found that while Netflix subscriptions are up, the time users spend on the platform has decreased significantly(…)
> Newsweek October 17, 2017
With Smart Panel, all you have to do is download the program onto your computer or phone, and activate it(…)
> Frugal For Less October 17, 2017
Interestingly, Verto Analytics reported that even though Netflix added more customers, its subscribers are spending less time watching it(…)
> Value Walk October 20, 2017
Consumer adoption of AI-powered personal assistant apps remains “sluggish”(…)
> Mobile Business Insights October 23, 2017
According to Verto Analytics, puzzle games had the largest player base in 2016, with more than 65 million monthly active users(…)
> Tech Notification October 25, 2017
Consumers are constantly plugged into the Internet,and today, this activity is mobile-centric(…)
Mobile games developers face a challenge kick-starting the app category, as Verto Analytics showed the time spent on the apps is stagnating(…)
> Mobile World Live October 26, 2017
Consumer measurement company, Verto Analytics, has just revealed which consumer behaviour trends are shaping 2017(…)
> Mobyaffiliates October 31, 2017
Granulated research, such as the latest user behaviour report on the US mobile market from Verto Analytics, makes for more salutary reading(…)
> Pocket Gamer October 31, 2017
ExchangeWire speaks exclusively with Mike Read, SVP Europe, Verto Analytics about the future of panel measurement for TV(…)
> Exchange Wire November 1, 2017
Before the Facebook 3Q17 earnings report was released, Verto Analytics picked up a 28% increase in the average amount of time spent per user(…)
> Value Walk November 1, 2017
The Reston-based company has lost three CEOs, three CFOs and a dozen board members after financial errors came to light nearly two years ago(…)
Apple sells more devices to wealthy people than its competitors, according to data from Verto Analytics(…)
> Market Watch November 3, 2017
The mobile-specific observations in the Verto report are focused on two related trends: multitasking and “consumer mobile journeys”(…)
> Marketing Land November 9, 2017
A reinvigorated Candy Crush Saga has nailed down to the #1 top grossing game slot in the US, and, according to Verto Analytics(…)
> Pocket Gamer November 13, 2017
“Pinterest is the social media platform with the highest affinity for e-commerce apps,” a Verto Analytics spokesman said(…)
> WWD November 21, 2017
The mobile-specific observations in the Verto report are focused on two related trends: multitasking and “consumer mobile journeys”(…)
> Emarketer November 21, 2017
According to Verto Analytics, Facebook recorded 199.4 m unique U.S. visitors in October 2017, well ahead of Twitter’s 110.8 m(…)
> 24/7 Wall Street November 21, 2017
A key trend to watch is the relationship between total time spent online by the average consumer and where they spend the most time, according to Verto Analytics(…)
> WARC November 27, 2017
A new report by Verto Analytics has uncovered an interesting shift in online consumer engagement(…)
> Econsultancy November 27, 2017
Alexa’s monthly unique users grew 325 percent between May 2016 and May 2017, according to Verto Analytics(…)
> Bloomberg November 29, 2017
Verto Analytics was added to LUMA Partners‘ landscape of the mobile ecosystem. Verto is the only solution to provide single-source audience measurement of the digital, mobile consumer (…)
> Luma Partners January 25, 2016
Chris Preimesberger’s used Verto data in his coverage of Yahoo’s Q4 2015 earnings. The story was one of the first to reveal Yahoo’s 15% workforce reduction (…)
> Febuary 02, 2016
Laurie Sullivan explains the complex world of Google search and how machine learning and AI factor prominently into the way results and content are served, featuring Verto data in her story (…)
> Febuary 05, 2016
San Francisco Chronicle’s Wendy Lee uses Verto data in a story about Yahoo stating that the site draws older consumers. Just 19% of Yahoo’s home page audience is younger than 30 (…)
> Febuary 06, 2016
Venture Beat covered Verto and iResearch’s partnership to deliver cross-device, audience measurement data to Chinese, U.S. and European companies, setting a new standard for mobile media measurement (…)
> Febuary 12, 2016
Research Live covered the iResearch and Verto Analytics partnership news noting that the lack of relevant measurement data has made it difficult to efficiently target and engage users in China (…)
> Febuary 15, 2016
MrWeb, a site for market research professionals, covered our partnership with iResearch noting that the two companies will deliver Chinese media measurement data to U.S. and European companies (…)
> Febuary 15, 2016
A “go-big-or-go-home” philosophy on data might not be in an organization’s financial interests, says Hannu Verkasalo,of Verto Analytics, a firm that measures consumer engagement with brands online (…)
> March 01, 2016
Washington Post did a feature using Verto data on how researchers cross-referenced the app usage and demographics of more than 3,700 people to determined which apps and attributes correlate (…)
> March 03, 2016
Verto Analytics has opened a London office and hired former comScore UK MD Michael Read as Managing Director. The firm has also appointed Alison Murdock as SVP, Marketing in the US (…)
> March 10, 2016
Cross-device audience measurement company Verto Analytics appointed two executives to accelerate international growth: Alison Murdock, SVP of Marketing and Mike Read, Managing Director, UK (…)
> March 11, 2016
CEO Hannu Verkasalo was quoted on Microsoft’s potential financing of Yahoo citing Yahoo’s search network would give Microsoft access to 158+ million more monthly users (…)
> April 01, 2016
ValueWalk used Verto data to reveal Netflix’s user usage patterns across multiple devices for its pre-earnings call coverage noting that on a daily basis, 13.2 million Americans access the service (…)
> April 15, 2016
Investor’s Business Daily, in a piece leading up to Alphabet’s earnings call, quotes CEO, Hannu Verkasalo who speculated whether the company will grow and monetize Google Drive and Google Docs (…)
> April 18, 2016
Investor’s Business Daily quotes Verto data that put Yahoo’s net reach in the U.S. at 92.5% with a stickiness index of 54%, much lower than Google and Microsoft (…)
> April 17, 2016
ValueWalk used Verto data in its pre-earnings call coverage of Microsoft stating that PCs are still the most popular device used to access the company’s services (…)
> April 20, 2016
Venture Beat used Verto data to speculate on Apple’s current market position citing that in March, iPhone users grew 1% to represent 41.8% of the U.S. smartphones in use during that same time (…)
> April 21, 2016
Verto Analytics data cited related to the Apple Watch of which its share of wearable devices is 17.5 percent (…)
> April 25, 2016
Verto’s revealed that Twitter use is highest among PC users, 2 hours per month, versus 1.1 hour on mobile. Facebook users spend 40.9 hours on the site via PC and 18.2 hours via smartphones (…)
> April 25, 2016
Verto Analytics reports that 28.9 million users accessed and spent 9.7 hours a month connected to EA services. Top games include The Sims, Bejeweled Blitz, and SimCity (…)
> May 11, 2016
Ahead of the Wal-Mart earnings call on 5/18, Verto Analytics shared data highlights. Describing Verto, ValueWalk said, “Think comScore + Nielsen + App Annie on steroids.” (…)
> May 11, 2016
Verto Analytics has appointed former Nielsen/Symphony Advanced Media exec Laura Grover (Bernstein) as Vice President of Client Solutions, with a focus on understanding cross-device consumers (…)
> May 25, 2016
“The biggest challenge most mobile-centric and increasingly multi-platform publishers have is that they cannot benchmark themselves against the total market or competitors…We are providing the same for the digital world as Nielsen provided for TV.” (…)
> June 01, 2016
The Helsinki-based company aims to provide publishers and advertisers with data on consumer website usage. The company surveys user behavior across devices using “panels” of participating consumers (…)
> June 01, 2016
Finnish online analytics firm Verto unveiled on Wednesday a $16.1 million Series B funding round – one of the largest this year in Finland – and said it would use the funding to scale its services globally (…)
> June 01, 2016
Swedish EQT Ventures lead the round when the Finnish Verto Analytics brings in 134 million kronor. The company described as the “world’s first” in the audience measurement from a single source (…)
> June 01, 2016
Market research company Verto Analytics takes a juicy B round – the Swedish EQT Ventures as its largest investor (…)
> June 01, 2016
Current customers include industry giants Microsoft, EA, Cisco and Yahoo, multi-screen video advertising company, YuMe, and one of the largest social media companies in the world, amongst others (…)
> June 01, 2016
Snapchat is now overshadowing Twitter on a key statistic: daily active users. Verto Data featured in graphic (…)
> June 01, 2016
Audience measurement startup Verto Analytics, which focuses on evaluating traffic on multiple devices, raised a $16.1 million Series B round led by EQT Ventures (…)
> June 05, 2016
Researchers analysed the app choices of thousands of Android users to determine the predictability of certain attributes, and found that apps can provide insight on your gender, age, and even income (…)
> June 10, 2016
In order for brands to influence and engage with the consumer segment of their choice, they need to employ a multi-platform video strategy with cohesive messaging that optimizes for reach, frequency, and relevancy (…)
> June 14, 2016
YuMe and Verto Analytics have released research quantifying a ‘day in the digital life’ journey of video consumers. The study showcases the breadth of touchpoints throughout the day as consumers engage with apps and video (…)
YuMe and Verto Analytics found that while the smartphone is the most prevalent household streaming device, other connected entertainment devices…play a complementary role in the home (…)
> June 14, 2016
Chatbots are one of the most interesting emerging business models in mobile tech. At their core, they represent an entirely new way of communicating with other individuals, businesses, and services (…)
> July 8, 2016
Verto Analytics and internet research firm Statista have formed a research partnership. Verto Analytics’ data and insights will be available exclusively to Statista subscribers through their online statistics portal. (…)
> July 8, 2016
CEO Hannu Verkasalo is today’s guest columnist in the “DataDriven Thinking” section of AdExchanger. He comments on why engagement is the new reach for digital and mobile app publishers (…)
> July 11, 2016
Verto Analytics shared some data with ValueWalk this morning which indicated that the company still has a large proportion of PC users compared to mobile device users (…)
> July 13, 2016
There’s no denying that Microsoft remains very strong, as Verto Analytics reports that 224.5 million users accessed the company’s services at least once during the month of June in the U.S. (…)
> July 18, 2016
224.5 million users accessed the company’s services at least once last month, a reach of 90.7 percent. The average user spends 28.4 hours per month using Microsoft’s services (…)
> July 19, 2016
As gamers rush to download Pokémon Go, a report from Verto Analytics makes for sober reading. Game interest seems to quickly wane, with only 10 – 20% of all game downloads still having active users after 30 days (…)
> July 20, 2016
Verto’s data goes beyond simple analysis of game downloads, offering a look into how the “fragmented, yet growing mobile game industry figures into the app ecosystem (…)
Verto Analytics has been attempting to track the rise of Pokemon GO. Thanks to its existing audience who have a monitoring app on their phones (…)
> July 22, 2016
Verto Analytic’s recent Mobile Gaming Research report revealed most gamers only access one mobile game per day and most games are left unused after 30 days (…)
Following two weeks of hype it’s game over for Pokemon GO…First up was Verto Analytics, which depending on what you were measuring reckoned Pokemon GO peaked starting 11 July (…)
> July 25, 2016
Verto Analytics tells ValueWalk that 217.9 million users accessed Twitter’s services, including Vine and Periscope, at least once during the month of June in the U.S. with a reach of 88.3% in the U.S.(…)
> July 25, 2016
Even with real-time data and sophisticated mobile analytics, how many mobile gaming industry insiders really know what’s working well? Almost all game developers struggle to answer these questions(…)
> July 26, 2016
While only 19% of all time spent on Yahoo takes place on mobile devices…Yahoo’s large portfolio of online assets can still get to lots of daily users. As such, their Verto Stickiness Index is 52%(…)
> July 27, 2016
Mobile gamers tend to be somewhat more selective with their download choices..retention rates for mobile games consistently outperform all other categories over their first two months of use(…)
> July 28, 2016
Chinese consumers already spend more time on their smartphones than their peers in the US, according to mobile analytics company Verto, with mobile increasingly challenging the television as the dominant form of entertainment(…)
> August 4, 2016
Hannu Verkasalo told CBR that Facebook counts over 11,000 chatbots on its platform, as of June 2016. As Verkasalo said, those numbers are ‘an incredible, approachable audience for a chatbot developer(…)
> August 9, 2016
Verto Analytics has taken a look at the first thirty days of the game’s release. And while Verto asserts that the game did indeed peak on that date, it shows that retention rates and average session lengths outstrip even Facebook(…)
> August 11, 2016
Retention rates for mobile games are usually pretty low. According to Verto Analytics, even the most popular mobile games only retain about 30% of players a week after they first download the game(…)
> August 18, 2016
Critics of Pokemon Go might point to that twenty percent drop as a sign that the game is just a fading fad, but retention rates for mobile games are usually pretty low according to Verto Analytics(…)
> August 19, 2016
Finland saw investments rising 25 percent to $73 million, lifted by online analytics firm Verto’s $16.1 million round.(…)
> September 6, 2016
Verkasalo cited the timing of the growth of internet use in China, which has favored mobile devices as the de facto way to access the internet there today(…)
> September 8, 2016
Americans spend more than a billion hours per month playing mobile games, according to Verto Analytics’ App Report, with Baby Boomers being the largest audience(…)
> September 10, 2016
The biggest mobile gamers are our moms, who’re busy with Candy Crush. However, the gamers in this case are likely the millennial men who veer toward paid apps like Clash of the Clans(…)
> September 13, 2016
Your ability to establish a strong foothold in any market and create a foundation for organic growth will be dictated by your mastery of quantitative and behavioral data about local and international markets(…)
> September 19, 2016
Single-source audience measurement company Verto Analytics has released a report revealing that UK consumers are more mobile oriented than their U.S. counterparts(…)
> September 19, 2016
Nielsen’s primary rival, comScore…faces a direct challenge from Verto Analytics, a relative newcomer to the market that measures total media consumption(…)
> September 22, 2016
UK consumers are more smartphone-oriented than their US counterparts, according to a new report, and peak app usage happens around commuting time(…)
> September 23, 2016
Verto data was featured in this eMarketer report on the key challenges, trends, and effectiveness of mobile app install advertising(…)
> September 24, 2016
Despite its struggles to gain users, Twitter is still very visible to a big digital audience. According to a Verto Analytics, Twitter is the sixth-biggest digital publisher(…)
> October 1, 2016
On a daily basis, respondents used an average of 10 smartphone apps and four tablet apps, Verto Analytics found, according to eMarketer(…)
> October 4, 2016
According to the Verto App Report, consumers as a whole spend 1.15 billion hours a month playing games on their mobile devices(…)
> October 10, 2016
Verto Analytics has been studying the behavior differences between Twitter users who are logged in and those who are not. Is Twitter failing to monetize those logged-out users?(…)
> October 28, 2016
According to Verto Analytics, consumers are mainly watching long-form video on smart TVs and games consoles, while smartphones and PCs are used to access short-form content(…)
> November 3, 2016
Long-term users on Apple’s iPhone are cheaper to acquire than those on any other mobile device. So says Verto Analytics, which studied the average cost of acquiring users on Android and iOS, as well as across smartphones and tablets(…)
> November 8, 2016
If brands wish maximise advertising ROI, the key is to identify the loyal app users whose long-term value will exceed the initial acquisition investment, writes Hannu Verkasalo, chief executive of Verto Analytics(…)
> November 14, 2016
The Verto Retention Reports framework allows companies to measure the number of downloads (and timing); the number of active users during and after the first 30 days; the time spent in the app and the number of sessions; and the device type(…)
> November 15, 2016
The Verto framework offers a new way for app developers and digital publishers to compare their app retention against those of competitiors and single out strong new users(…)
> November 15, 2016
The world’s first consumer-centric measurement company — Verto Analytics — is out with a new methodology for determining the value of a mobile app user
> November 15, 2016
Verto will determine the value of a user based on its newly launched Verto Retention Reports framework. It claims that, for the first time, companies will be able to calculate the return on investments of their ad spending on mobile.
> November 16, 2016
Many companies are finding that traditional audience measurement services are grossly lacking for monitoring mobile usage patterns. Many of these services were built in the desktop era and simply measure device usage(…)
> November 16, 2016
Verto will determine the value of a user based on its newly launched Verto Retention Reports framework. It claims that, for the first time, companies will be able to calculate the return on investments of their ad spending on mobile.
> November 16, 2016
A study by Verto Analytics found that in addition to the 90% of US internet users who had desktops or laptops, 31% had smart TVs, 29% had game consoles and 21% had streaming media devices(…)
> November 17, 2016
The majority of UK snapchat users are women, according to an October 2016 survey conducted by Verto Analytics. Women make up 55% of all Snapchat users, and about the same share are under 35(…)
> November 18, 2016
Verto Analytics, the world’s first consumer-centric measurement company, announced a new methodology for determining the value of a mobile app user(…)
> November 21, 2016
Verto Analytics just released data comparing the top 15 retailers. The stats reveal market numbers for mobile and desktop audiences, which both show Amazon in the No. 1 position(…)
> November 23, 2016
In another study by Verto Analytics, it was reported that, in the US, 43% of female smartphone owners had iPhones; this compared to 37% of male smartphone users(…)
> November 24, 2016
Amazon remains the clear leader in online retail, according to a new chart from Verto Analytics. Amazon gets the most monthly unique visitors by far, and more the second third most popular online retailers, Walmart and eBay(…)
> November 25, 2016
Verto Analytics shows that here’s Amazon, and then there’s everyone else.The Verto index compared the online shopping habits of 20,000 U.S. consumers and ranked the top 15 online retailers(…)
> November 25, 2016
To show which merchants had the best run-up to the holiday season, Verto Analytics late last week released data comparing the top 15 retailers based on the online activities of 20,000 U.S. consumers(…)
> December 2, 2016
Our connected devices have become our partners in crime, at our side throughout the day providing huge opportunities for deep and meaningful consumer engagement(…)
Google’s mobile index announcement has the potential to radically change the way brands can and should target consumers and drive discoverability and traffic for themselves(…)
> December 9, 2016
Verto Analytics, a digital audience measurement company, assessed the current differences between Pandora and Spotify in their November 2016 Verto App Watch panel(…)
> December 9, 2016
In 2017, we’ll keep our eyes on platforms like Kik and Snapchat, which have a fraction of Facebook Messenger’s user base but far higher engagement statistics(…)
> December 12, 2016
As consumers, we are more connected than ever before thanks to the proliferation of digital devices and the explosion of online services. For brands this presents a huge opportunity(…)
> December 14, 2016
According to Verto Analytics, the average U.S. adult owns five devices and almost 40% use smartphones and tablets concurrently. Mobile applications need to embrace a multi-device reality(…)
> December 19, 2016
Verto Analytics has looked at data illustrating the high mobile traffic and the time spent on apps, compared website use on Black Friday; noting a fall on Cyber Monday for two of the retailers(…)
> December 19, 2016
These days, purchasing and shopping behaviour take place across multiple mobile devices. It’s not uncommon for people to include multiple devices in their mobile experience(…)
> December 19, 2016
Imus is a measurement veteran with a deep background in adtech. During his tenure at comScore, he was instrumental in launching new research service initiatives(…)
> December 21, 2016
Measurement company Verto Analytics has hired former comScore executive, Jay Imus, as the business reports a 300% increase in month-to-month revenue and new clients(…)
> December 21, 2016
Digital media measurement firm Verto Analytics has hired former comScore exec Jay Imus to lead US East Coast sales. Imus joins from comScore, where he worked for over seven years(…)
> December 21, 2016

ValueWalk cited the Verto Index featuring the top 30 e-commerce services and retailers in the U.S. There are 18 e-commerce companies with 20 million + monthly unique users. (…)

> November 25, 2015
Mobile World Live recently caught up with Verto Analytics Founder & CEO Hannu Verkasalo about the challenges he foresees around tracking data once IoT and connected devices become more mainstream (…)
> December 9, 2015

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