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What type of data does Verto collect?

Verto’s single-source, cross-device audience measurement solution captures on-device data from desktops, laptops, smartphones, tablets, e-readers, smart watches, and digital content (in-app tracking, search, HTTP/HTTPS, advertising, e- and m-commerce).


What is your research methodology?

Verto Analytics single-source measurement methodology is based on behavioral data gathered from a panel of consumers that own and use multiple devices. We measure from the point of consumer interaction across all platforms, media, content, and devices. Our panelists, who are compensated for their participation depending on their demographics, opt-in to install a measurement app on their digital devices. Learn more in our Methodology section.


How do you obtain this data?

Our consumer panel members opt in to install our measurement software on their multiple devices and are compensated for their participation. Verto receives this metered data on a 24/7 basis. Learn more in our Methodology section.


What are some of the usage and behavioral metrics you track?

Verto measures the digital consumer and the content and devices they access throughout the day. We provided daily metrics on stickiness (frequency of use during a month), net reach of content (single-user, cross-device engagement), hour-by-hour usage, engagement, and more.

How do brands and advertisers use your data?

We measure the net reach of media properties and analyze clickstreams. All measurement points—from app downloads, rankings, users, site visits, ad impressions—are enhanced with context data including location, viewability, and screen orientation. Brands and advertisers use Verto data to better understand where and how to spend and the best ways to optimize their media budgets. Learn more about how we helped a Fortune 500 consumer goods company better understand their audience.

How do app publishers use the data?

App publishers, game developers, and large internet companies with multiple mobile and web applications use Verto data to go beyond downloads and rankings to better understand who, when, where, and how consumers use their mobile apps and games. We report usage, time spent, stickiness (% of daily returning users), content consumption across multiple devices, consumer behaviors, demographics, and more. Learn more about how we helped a Fortune 500 technology company better understand their audience.

How is Verto’s solution different from other audience measurement providers?

As the leading solution for single-source, cross-device audience measurement, we are able to provide accurate and deep insights on today’s digital and mobile consumer. Many measurement companies attempt to calibrate siloed data sources together to project net reach, which results in a lack of transparency and often-confusing measurement methodologies. Verto passively measures its consumer panelists, making it possible to project a statistically-accurate measurement free of bias and other limitations of panel-based research.

How can I view the data and generate reports?

Verto Watch offers syndicated research on the cross-device consumer accessible 24/7 from an online reporting portal. Use our standard reports or create your own to understand the “day-in-the-life” of how consumers use different apps and websites. Additionally, view competitive rankings and reach, track market trends and obtain daily and day-part data from our single source panel.

How often is the data updated?

We publish our data every day.

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