Report: Device Ecosystems 2014

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Digital devices have changed the way we see and experience the world from the way we work and live to the way we search, discover, and learn. With this new digitally minded lifestyle, change and growth are both inevitable and necessary.

Growth can be defined in many ways. Industry analysts are accustomed to making predictions about the digital mobile device market in broad terms and bulky numbers. However, these predictions don’t necessarily provide the information to understand the human beings behind the data and their behavior. With  more people than ever owning digital devices, it’s important to give meaning to all those numbers. So while the bigger picture shows us that the number of adult smartphone users in the US grew by 15 million, and tablet users by 10 million, it’s the individual who matters. Who are these people? Are the owners of one brand or device type different from the users of another? If so, how?  Instead of allowing ourselves to be blinded by the big numbers, we must take a more in-depth look at the individuals who comprise them.

With this Device Ecosystems report, we offer you a closer look at some of the most interesting trends, insights, and data points from the US digital device market in 2014.

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