Data Feeds

A Granular Level of Consumer Behavior

Verto Data Feed gives you the ability to push event- and user-level, time-stamped contextual data directly to your data analytics and business intelligence systems.

What You Can Do

  • Answer a variety of research questions that require in-depth data to be “crunched” and analyzed

  • Drill into target segments or enhance your own segmentation

  • Access more detailed and nuanced search data across engines and retail sites

  • Connect click-streams and application use to a variety of conversion events – purchases, downloads, subscriptions, & foot traffic

What We Offer

Metrics and Context

  • Every event, every visit, every page view, every app session across weeks and months for the same individual

  • Provide context for the event detail with views into the time of day, physical location, and the type of device

  • Enrich the metered data with your own surveys for richer segments and insights


Scope of Data

  • Application foreground behavior

  • Web pageviews

  • Panelist and device metadata (e.g. demographics and device type, model)

  • Offline foot traffic

  • YouTube sessions

  • Online Retail data

  • Search

Research Output

  • Extended processed Data Feed files (PII-cleansed)

  • Scope of data depends on the desired time frame and specific subjects for analysis

  • Formats: TSV or Parquet

Leverage our powerful cross-platform consumer behavioral data integration.

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