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We all do it­; we fall easily into daily routines and habits. We check the news and weather in the morning, review Instagram on the bus, even skim Facebook during a lunch break; everyone habitually uses certain apps more than others in their day-to-day lives. While some users browse through their apps casually, others border on obsessive. No matter the ritual, everyone has an individual version of regular “app habits” that makes a statement about the apps and the industry. So, which apps are changing the industry most?

The use of mobile apps has grown exponentially within the past five years, and now accounts for more than 85 percent of time spent on mobile devices. The marketplace is booming, and more and more of our attention is now drawn to our devices and our apps.

Weekday vs. Weekend App Usage

According to our data at Verto Analytics, overall Android app usage peaks on Fridays. This leads us to believe that many people are anticipating their weekends and allowing their minds to wander elsewhere – rather than focusing on work. Once the buzz of scheduling weekend plans on Friday passes, app usage drops by 10 percent throughout the remainder of the weekend. A case could be made that many people are traveling out of town as travel and navigation apps also peak on Fridays. Its also possible users are keeping busy with hobbies or are making time to meet up with friends, and therefore neglecting their apps. Whatever, the reason, one conclusion is clear: apps are more of a weekday activity.

Which Apps Peak or Plummet?

Among Android social networking apps seem to capture a smaller audience on weekends than weekdays. However, the use of Android entertainment apps, as well as books and reference apps, typically peaks on the weekends (as seen in the two charts below). This could mean that users have more time to read in the weekends and they are relying on phone calls and texts during the weekend to get a quicker response from whomever they are trying to reach.

 Show Me the Money

Following the trend of overall app usage peaking on Friday, finance apps on Android peak on Friday mornings, and sports apps hit their peak at midday on Friday. The chart below displays the highs and lows of finance app usage throughout the week. It is likely many users check their stock portfolios or check their banking apps Friday morning in anticipation of a paycheck to calculate their balance before splurging on the weekend.

 Sports Fans Unite

Given that most professional sports are played and telecast on weekends, it makes sense that users would check to see when their team plays next. Outside of sports and finance apps, Android photo, video, and lifestyle app usage remains fairly stable throughout the week, proving users consistently take pictures and share videos no matter what day it is.

What the Top Apps Say About the Industry

We live in a world where apps rule phone usage and claim a large portion of a user’s interest, and it’s easy to forget how much time we are investing in these apps and how the industry is constantly evolving. Everyone has their individual app rituals, however, users are not defined by the apps they download, but by how they use and engage with them. This is what sculpts the industry for the future. App growth has exploded within less than a decade. We’ve truly come a long way from only having grainy photos and a snake app on our phones.

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