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Last week, Verto Analytics presented their May webinar,Cross-Device and Mobile Consumers: Who Are They and Where Do They Spend TimeBased on data from our latest report on cross-device consumer behavior, the webinar featured insights from one of Verto’s in-house data analysts and key takeaways for marketers, brands, and advertisers. Below are a few highlights from the webinar, which you can also listen to on demand.


Global Device Usage and Ownership Trends

International device reach among online adult populations is strikingly similar across all devices. Verto Analytics data shows that smartphone usage has the highest reach (averaging 80% internationally), followed closely by laptop PCs (averaging 74% internationally) and tablets (averaging 38% internationally). Most notably, the U.S. is no longer the leader in key device categories; instead, preeminent Asian markets are experiencing rapid growth in cross-device ownership. And when it comes to consumer behavior and content consumption, device usage peaks at distinct times of the day and over the course of the week. Examples from recent Verto Analytics data identified when and on which devices consumers are spending their time.


Who is the cross-device consumer?

Today’s consumers show distinct usage patterns on different devices over the course of a day and over the course of a week. As multi-device ownership continues to rise across the globe, it is crucial that brands and publishers optimize for this reality. According to Verto Analytics data, device ownership varies significantly across demographics. Millennial women are some of the most cross-device consumers. Nearly a third (30%) of women ages 26-35 own at least three devices, compared to just 11% of men the same age. However, this trend shifts considerably for Generation X: the number of men who own at least three devices jumps to almost 40% of men ages 36-45, compared to 36% of women. These profiles are key in analyzing what user spends the most time on which platform.

Targeting the Cross-Device Consumer

The average consumer spends nearly two days per month using just communications and social media, mobile gaming, and web browsing apps. Identifying your target ”superusers”, users who spend more than twice as much time as the average user, will help you understand how, when, and who to target with your service, app, or product.

Interested in learning more about the cross-device consumer? Listen to the webinar on demand here.

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