Creating Personas of the Streaming Video User


Customer: A leading video advertising network
Our customer wanted to provide its sales team with thought leadership and insights on the streaming video user to educate advertisers about opportunities to reach this audience.
The customer wanted to know:


How can we identify the right context and time to engage users?


How can we identify different types of streaming video users based on behavior and demographics?


Does device type influence the viewing habits and behavior of different user types?


Device usage
  • Short-form video is watched most often on PCs and smartphones.
  • Long-form video viewing takes place more often on home entertainment devices (smart TVs, game consoles, OTT).
  • Short video clips are most often watched on mobile devices on the weekends.
Audience Profile
  • Ad recall while watching streaming video content was highest on PCs and smartphones versus other device types, including game consoles.
  • Most viewers used their smartphones and PCs simultaneously in the late evenings.
  • When viewers navigated to short-form video, they were most likely to be referred by Facebook.


We helped the customer identify four distinct patterns of cross-device behavior. Then we mapped out their typical “day in the life” and streaming habits. Finally, we surveyed these same users to gauge ad recall and sentiment while streaming video content.


With Verto solutions, the customer created the industry’s first comprehensive report on cross-device, streaming video users.

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