Consumer Privacy & Data Security

Consumer privacy is very important to us; all our processes and solutions comply with the strictest data privacy standards. Our panel-based approach is fully GDPR and CCPA compliant (unlike approaches that use cookies, tagging, SDKs, browser plug-ins and other methods that do not ask users to opt-in; or fail to disclose that they collect users’ data).

Our privacy policy clearly defines both the personal information we collect, as well as the data collected by our metering technology. Our methodology and panel-based approach aligns with the values of GDPR and CCPA, and our business operates on three core principles:


  • Our consumer partners and policy makers proactively ensure full GDPR compliance and follow a stringent privacy standard for today’s market research
  • We disclose clearly what our research is about
  • We use only our opt-in research apps to collect behavioral information

Consent, Communication, and Opt-ins

  • We require a triple opt-in process when accepting participants
  • We anonymize and aggregate all information from our research panels  before it is delivered to internal or external users for analysis
  • We have a dedicated process for removing any sensitive data
  • We renew consent and PII policy at every award transaction


  • Our panel participants may opt out at any time, or have their information erased from the service
  • We inform panelists about any updates in the service and their compliance with the panel rules

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