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About Verto Analytics

Verto Analytics (Verto) provides market research solutions that help brands and marketers to keep up with the rapid pace of changing consumer media consumption on every app, device, service, and platform.

Verto’s early recognition of GDPR compliance, and close cooperation with both consumer partners and policy makers, has helped us  build a peerless, single-source approach to behavioral measurement. 

Verto has set a new standard for media research to help clients in the areas of competitor benchmarking, audience profiling and targeting, and the evolving consumer journey.


Data Labs

Based in Helsinki, Finland, and in North America, our Data Labs are epicenters of intellectual exchange, innovative growth, and design. We lead the charge in creating pioneering measurement and analytics solutions that enable us to form an authentic, accurate picture of consumer behaviors across devices, services, and platforms.

The team behind Verto helped build the first mobile measurement solutions when smartphones were only being introduced to a larger market. As the use of mobile devices continues to grow, Verto’s pioneering work in the field has become a key success factor in our cross-device measurement offering.

What We Are Known For

Pioneers of Passive Measurement

Verto’s founding team helped build some of the first applications for mobile measurement and today, our Fortune 500 clients value our peerless research and capability to accurately meter consumer behavior.

Neutrality and Consumer Privacy

Verto is GDPR born. We provide unparalleled third-party validation through transparent processes, data, and metrics. We work closely with consumers in designing our solutions to set the standard for privacy in market research.

Critical Patents

The team has designed and secured several critical patents in the field that give us the freedom to operate and a solid platform for continuous innovation. We use a cloud-native stack, AI, and agile scrumban to manage our workflows.

Unique, Clean Code

We have our own coding style, and we pride ourselves on the clean quality code.  


We are creative and dedicated team of data-driven analytics, developers, and market research professionals. Together we are shaping the future of behavioral measurement.


  • Patrick Brennan
    Patrick Brennan CEO
  • Surath Chatterji
    Surath Chatterji VP of Technology
  • Vinayak Nair
    Vinayak Nair VP of Market Operations and Research
  • Paul Stenback
    Paul Stenback VP of Finance, People and Panels

Board of Directors

  • Steve Farella
    Steve Farella Board Member, Founder of Havas Media USA, Chairman of MDC Media Partners
  • Jari Mieskonen
    Jari Mieskonen Board Member, Managing Partner at Conor Venture Partners Oy
  • Liz Musch
    Liz Musch Chair of the Board of Directors, ?What If! Innovation
  • Ralf Wahlsten
    Ralf Wahlsten Board Member, Partner at OpenOcean
  • Joni Karsikas
    Joni Karsikas Board Observer, Investment Director at Tesi
  • Dr. Hannu Verkasalo
    Dr. Hannu Verkasalo Founder, Board Advisor
  • Meri Kupiainen
    Meri Kupiainen Board Advisor
  • Michael Read
    Michael Read Board Advisor

In The Media

Forbes, 15 August 2020

snapforbusiness, 7 July 2020

eMarketer, 9 June 2020

We estimate that US adults will spend, on average, more than 4 hours with mobile internet, with 88% of that time within apps. The app percentage continues to increase year over year—though (…)

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