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As we revealed last week in our report Multitasking and Mobile Apps: New Ways to Measure Consumer Behavior, multitasking is the new standard for consumer behavior. And we’ve been hearing similar sentiments this week at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona; Red Bull CTO Andreas Gall highlighted the challenges of reaching “hyperconnected” consumers during a talk on Tuesday. So what is the profile of the typical multitasker, who moves across different devices, apps, sites, and services throughout the day?


The Typical Multitasker is Younger and Male

While multitasking behavior appears to be fairly evenly spread across genders and age groups, it’s more commonly seen in younger consumers. On average, consumers 18-39 years old are more likely to multitask than those aged 40 and above. Multitasking is especially lower among consumers who are above the age of 70. And despite conventional wisdom, men are slightly more likely to multitask compared to women: Out of device sessions by women, 3.5% are multitasking sessions, compared to 3.7% for men—and average session lengths among men (total length of device usage) are also slightly longer.

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