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Earlier this week, we published the latest Verto Index, which profiles the most popular travel apps and properties in the U.S., based on monthly users among adults 18 and above. We compiled the most popular travel properties (apps and sites) for each major travel category to determine which services could serve as your “virtual travel agent.”


The Most Popular Airline, Car Rental and Hotel Apps and Services

Our Index data shows the continued popularity of one-stop travel aggregators, sites which allow consumers to compare and purchase a variety of services – flights, hotels, rental cars, etc. – and TripAdvisor continues to be the number-one travel aggregator, holding onto its spot from last year with 35 million monthly unique users, nearly half of whom are mobile-only users. Aggregator sites are also popular for rental car services; is the top rental car service in our Index, with 2.5 million monthly unique users. But when it comes to airline and hotel properties, brand names dominate, and they also attract the longer average session times (the amount of time that consumer spend with a given property). Southwest is the most popular air travel property, with 8.5 million monthly users (more than half of whom are mobile-only), who spend an average of five and a half minutes per session – a number that far exceeds the average amount of time that consumers spend with any other travel property on our chart. Meanwhile, Marriott is the most popular hotels and lodgings-related property, with 9.4 million monthly users (28% of whom are mobile-only) who spend an average of nearly four minutes per session.

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