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Earlier this month, we released our latest research report, Who is the Cross-device Consumer, which offers a deep dive into the demographic profiles and behaviors of cross-device consumers and so-called “superusers” – consumers who spent more than twice as much time as the average user when it comes to activities like online shopping, mobile gaming, and music streaming. We also took a look at how the average consumer uses PCs, smartphones, and tablets on a daily and a weekly basis.


Device usage by the hour: When do we use our PCs, smartphones, and tablets?

Verto Analytics data shows that PCs, smartphones, and tablets each show distinctive usage patterns throughout the day. Unsurprisingly, PC usage peaks during standard workday hours, and then falls in the evening. However, there’s an interesting spike in PC usage that occurs at around 9pm. Meanwhile, smartphone and tablet use remains steady throughout the course of the day, with a slight rise during evening. Regardless, activity on all devices begins to decline at about 10pm, which is a trend that continues through the night until about 7am.

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