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This week, Verto Analytics served as an event partner for MediaTel’s Connected Consumer conference in London, where we shared some of our latest insights on UK consumer behavior:  which digital brands are most popular, based on the cumulative amount of time (in days) that consumers spend with a given brand per month?


Which UK brands are most popular with consumers?

Unsurprisingly, several major social media brands are in the top ten – previously-published Verto data shows that social media and communications apps and properties already account for more than a third of the time that U.S. adults spend online. While that number is slightly lower for adults in the UK, Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, and Facebook Messenger are all among the top ten brands on our list; UK consumers collectively spend nearly 21.7 million days per month using Facebook alone. That’s far ahead of Google Search, the next contender, which clocks in at 13.1 million days of consumer time spent per month. Content – specifically news and entertainment – also attracts a large proportion of consumer time: YouTube accounts for nearly 12.5 million days of consumer time per month, while the BBC – the only UK-based brand on the top ten list – garners more than 5 million hours of consumer time per month. And global e-commerce players are also popular among UK consumers: Amazon and eBay combined attract nearly 6.2 million days per month of UK consumer time.

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