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We already know that American consumers (among adults aged 18 and above) have upwards of 80 apps installed on their devices, including PCs, tablets and smartphones, but only use a handful of those apps daily. And when it comes to consumer attention and the amount of time they spend, not all apps are created equally: the average consumer spends 88 per minutes per day on their smartphone, for example, but they spend approximately 18 of these minutes on a single app.


Which types of content are accessed most often?

According to Verto Analytics data, not all types of apps and content are used daily – in fact, far from it. Our data shows that 90% of online consumers use utilities and tools – such as alarm clock apps – on a daily basis on their devices (PCs, smartphones, and tablets). And only about 70% of online consumers use web browser apps (such as Safari) or social media and communications apps (such as Facebook) on a daily basis. The numbers fall quickly from there: only 43% of online consumers use entertainment apps (such as YouTube) on a daily basis, while just a third of all online consumers use games daily. Understanding which app categories reach the most people, and when, provides key insights for brands when it comes to media planning: Which categories have a high reach but low frequency (or vice versa)? And which content categories can help a brand reach the right target audience?

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