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Cord cutters aside, it turns out that Americans are still watching tons of TV. But viewing behaviors have shifted from the traditional TV set as more audiences turn to their computers and mobile devices to tune in. So which streaming video and broadcast companies are attracting the largest audiences? The latest Verto Analytics data shows that viewers are still loyal to some of the major broadcasters: native streaming companies like Netflix still lag behind some of the biggest broadcast incumbents, including CBS, NBC, and Fox. In fact, at 69 million monthly users, Netflix claims just nearly half the number of monthly users as CBS.


Even though CBS features many of its shows on Hulu, its own properties still draw the vast majority of its mobile and PC viewers. And NBC, which will be broadcasting the Olympics from Rio de Janeiro later this summer, is a close second. What does this tell us? Despite the popularity of Netflix’s original programming, such as House of Cards, these still remain niche titles – traditional broadcasters still have the overall reach and some of the unique live programming – such as the Olympics and other live events – that online-only services are unlikely to attract.


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