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Last summer, Verto Analytics looked at the demographic profiles of some of the most popular mobile games on the market: Candy Crush Saga, Words With Friends, and Clash of Clans. And then, of course, Pokémon GO launched in July (to U.S. consumers) and became a global mobile gaming phenomenon. But almost one year later, are these games still dominating the mobile gaming landscape?


Who Are Mobile Gaming’s Super Users?

Verto Analytics data has already identified what types of games consumers play, and when. Now, as part of our latest report on cross-device consumer behavior, we can analyze the behavior of so-called mobile gaming “super users,” those who spend twice as much time playing mobile games as the average mobile gamer. Our data shows that the typical super mobile gamer is a 39-year old woman, who spends nearly 15 hours per month playing mobile games across 127 separate sessions. And despite criticism that Pokémon GO’s popularity is overhyped, it’s still the top-ranking game among super mobile gamers, based on both the amount of time and the number of sessions that these consumers spend with the game per month. Words With Friends and the Candy Crush franchise also remain popular with these super mobile gamers, aligning with some of our earlier user demographic data.

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