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With Apple’s highly-anticipated iPhone event scheduled for today, we decided to revisit our earlier February 2018 analysis of the smartphone market, based on device manufacturer. Seven months ago, on the verge of Samsung’s Galaxy S9 reveal at Mobile World Congress, the Korean electronics giant still trailed Apple’s lead in the U.S. smartphone market (among adults, ages 18 and above), owning 33% of the smartphone market compared to Apple’s 45% share. What does today’s market look like?

Market Share: Apple vs. Samsung

According to Verto Watch data from August 2018, Apple and Samsung are still the undisputed leaders in the smartphone market, with little change in overall position, although the overall number of phones that each manufacturer currently has on the market has dropped. There are currently 80.4 million Apple smartphones on the U.S. market, a 46% market share. In comparison, there are 60.1 million Samsung smartphones on the U.S. market, a 34% market share. LG (which has manufactured some of the Google Pixel smartphone line), the third-ranking device manufacturer, trails significantly: its 20.5 million smartphones in the market represent just a 12% share.


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