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Samsung is on the verge of revealing its new Galaxy S9 smartphone at next week’s Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, and the smartphone market seems destined to heat up once again. Industry analysts are watching for improvements to the camera, screen, and a few other gimmicks to see if the new Galaxy will be a viable contender for Apple’s recently-released iPhone X. In the meantime, how much of the U.S. smartphone market does Samsung currently own (among adults, ages 18 and above), especially compared to its biggest rivals?

How Do Apple and Samsung Stack Up?


Verto Analytics looked at the numbers of Samsung and Apple smartphones currently owned by consumers in the U.S., and the equivalent market share those numbers represent. According to Verto Watch data from January 2018, Apple still leads the pack, with 45% market share (representing nearly 84 million smartphones), while Samsung only claims 33% of the market (61.5 million smartphones). These two manufacturers dominate the U.S. smartphone market; LG, the third-place contender, only has 10% market share, while all other brands combined account for just 12% of the devices on the U.S. smartphone market.

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