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Has Microsoft finally caught up to Apple? The latest reviews of Microsoft’s new laptops hint that Apple’s cachet (and price points) may be wearing thin among consumers. Verto Analytics conducted a Smart Poll of current Windows owners (among U.S. adults, ages 18 and above) and asked them if they planned to buy an Apple as their next computer (either laptop or desktop) in the next 6-24 months. We also asked current Mac owners about their intentions to switch to a Windows machine within the next 6-24 months.


Windows Owners Are More Likely to Make a Switch to Mac

According to the results of the Verto Smart Poll, nearly all (98% or more) current Mac owners intend to stay with Macs as their next computer.  And of those current Windows owners, including those with a modest interest in switching over the next two years, consumers in the upper-income bracket (those with an average income of $150,000 or more) showed the highest likelihood of switching to a Mac: 20% of respondents may be inclined to switch. Among lower income groups (those making $20,000 or less annually), 14% of these respondents report the probability of switching. However, a further drilldown shows that these lower income respondents are also in their teens or twenties, suggesting parental assistance.

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