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Fortnite has been dubbed the “biggest game on the planet” due to its immersive narrative and multiplayer experience. It is currently the most-watched game on Twitch, a gaming streaming site, and on YouTube Gaming. And that’s even without counting Android devices – although Epic Games just announced plans to expand the popular title to Android later this summer. Following on the heels of Verto Analytics’ new report, Audience Spotlight: Heavy Gamers, which dives into the behaviors and demographics of heavy users of games on PCs, tablets, and smartphones, it is only fitting that we take a look into one of the fastest-growing titles next.


Demographic Breakdown of Fortnite

Verto Analytics looked at the demographic breakdown of Fortnite players among U.S. adults ages 18 and above during April 2018. Our data represents iOS usage on mobile devices and PCs (ie., it does not include consoles and platforms such as Xbox and PSP). In addition, it is important to note that while gamers under the age of 18 account for 28% of all gamers in the U.S., Verto’s data in these charts is limited to U.S. adults ages 18 and above.

According to Verto Watch, Fortnite is most popular among players between the ages of 18 – 24, who account for 63% of all Fortnite players. Players between the ages of 25 – 34 represent 22.5% of all players, while those between the ages of The 35 – 44 comprise just with 13% of the overall user base.  And Fortnite is particularly popular among men, who comprise 72% of that title’s players. Fortnite’s immense popularity among college-aged men has already been noted by industry observers and marketers, which distinguishes it from many other top-ranking game titles – especially mobile games – which tend to attract an older and largely female user base. Verto Analytics data has, after all, identified the average heavy gamer as a 45 – 55+ female.

How does Fortnite Rank among the Top Game Apps?

According to, Verto’s April 2018 Mobile Game Index, which looked at the most popular mobile games among U.S. adults, top-ranking Words with Friends claimed 11 million monthly users, closely followed by Candy Crush Saga (10.4 million monthly users) and Pokémon GO (9.2 million monthly users). In comparison, Fortnite lags far behind, with just 1.7 million users, but again – our Verto Index only accounted for players using the game on iOS-enabled mobile and PC devices. With this summer’s anticipated Android release (not to mention console players), these numbers could easily explode.

And Fortnite’s dominance seems poised to continue; in addition to the Android expansion, Marvel villain Thanos of Avengers: Infinity War joined Fortnite‘s Battle Royale mode earlier this month, with other pop culture-friendly crossovers in the works.  And while the title’s user numbers still trail the most recent round of top game apps, Fortnite is still a young game: it was originally released in July 2017, yet has already racked up a loyal and demographically distinctive fanbase.

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