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Apple didn’t say anything about its anticipated HomePod speaker during its iPhone event this week, but the company is widely expected to release the connected home device sometime later this year – and crucially, right as the Christmas shopping season rush gets underway. The HomePod will allow Apple to fully jump into the personal assistant device game – leveraging its Siri app to compete with the likes of Amazon’s Alexa/Echo combo as well as anticipated offerings from Samsung, Microsoft, and more.

As the popularity of assistant-app powered speakers continues to rise and the market prepares for a new batch of devices, Verto Analytics released Rise of the Machines: How Personal Assistant Apps Are Shaping Digital Consumer Habits, our first report to take an in-depth look at how consumers use personal assistant apps, like Siri or Alexa, and how these behaviors differ from their interactions with other apps.

What Does a “Day in the Life” of an Assistant App Look Like?

We compared a typical “day in the life” of a personal assistant app with that of a typical search app or web browser (note: consumers spend far less time on personal assistant apps than search apps and web browsers; the chart below shows the percentage of total time for each category).


As shown in the chart above, personal assistant apps show distinct spikes in activity at 10am, 1pm, and a steady climb throughout the evening hours (2-7pm), before dropping off in the evening. In contrast, search activity (search apps as well as browsers) sees a continuous and steady rise throughout the course of the day, beginning at 5am and peaking at 10pm.

An earlier funnel analysis of personal assistant app activity revealed that Google Maps is one of the most frequently-used apps both before and after personal assistant apps. As a result, it seems logical that personal assistant app activity spikes around commute hours and lunchtime: periods of the day when consumers are often on the go. And as consumers arrive home during the evening hours, their activities may switch to home-based devices, such as Amazon Echo or Google Home.

Interested in learning more about how consumers use personal assistant apps? Download the full report, Rise of the Machines: How Personal Assistant Apps Are Shaping Digital Consumer Habits.

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