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Within the past two weeks, Huawei and Samsung both announced new additions to their mobile lineups, looking to get a jump on the smartphone consumer market well ahead of Apple’s regularly-scheduled fall iPhone event. For device manufacturers, smartphones are an especially important product line. Consumers are spending more of their time online – especially on mobile devices. And even amid reports that tablet use (and sales) is on the decline, Verto’s latest research shows that over the course of 2016, the amount of time that consumers (among adults in the U.S., ages 18 and above) spent on on smartphones rose by nearly 14%.

Consumers who use more apps also spend more time on their smartphones

Verto Analytics data shows that there’s a correlation between the number of distinct apps that a consumer uses and the total amount of time they spend using their smartphone on a daily basis. Our data shows that a consumer who uses 10 distinct apps per day spends about 65 minutes total on their mobile device overall. And consumers who use 20 distinct apps per day spend nearly twice as much time on their mobile devices: this group spends approximately 110 minutes on their smartphones per day.


When it comes to consumer attention, not all apps are equal

But the time that consumers spend on apps is not evenly distributed – far from it. Instead, consumers are spending most of their time with a handful of distinct apps. The average consumer spends 88 per minutes per day on their smartphone, and they spend approximately 18 of these minutes on a single app, while the second-most used app garners 12 minutes of their time per day and the third-most used app takes 10 minutes. The incremental impact of each consequent app is lower and lower, as shown on our chart. In total, the single most-used app captures 21% of the time that a consumer spends on their smartphone every day, while the three most-used apps capture nearly half (47%) of the time that consumers spend with their smartphones daily.

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